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endear (oneself, someone, or something) to (someone or something)

To cause one feel affection for oneself, someone, or something. The puppy endeared himself to me the minute he crawled into my lap. I don't think this financial blunder will endear me to the boss.
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endear someone to someone or something

to cause someone to be cherished by someone else or a group. Her good humor endears her to all of us. Sally endears herself to everyone because she is so funny. She failed to endear herself to her husband's parents.
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Falling in Reverse mostly stays on the side of being endearing, so long as you don't take it all too seriously.
"As such, we highlighted our latest Lady Design collection, a dynamic and endearing range of new colors and themes that can fuel design creativity and turn any interior into bold statements of style, he added.-TradeArabia News Service
Endearing oneself to others requires, after the guidance and support of Allh, The Almighty, intelligence in dealing with them.
Performers who have an eccentricity about their movement are endearing to watch.
A wonderful addition to any personal or community library Fairytale, Folklore & Mythology collections, The Enchanted Lake is very highly recommended as a compendium of Sinead de Valera's most entertaining and endearing Irish fairy tale stories.
Why then is the book so sweet, endearing and even nostalgic?
A vivid and endearing telling of a truly beautiful love and life shared between two extraordinary souls, A Message From Jackie is very highly recommended and ultimately inspired reading.
Engaging the reader with 152 pages of educated writing enhanced with the inclusion of maps, gorgeous colored and b/w illustrations, Geology Of Southeast Alaska ably serves students and travelers alike as a comprehensive introduction and guide to one of Alaska's most endearing and timeless areas.
Van Zant's tales fictionalize, yet explain in easily understood and endearing terms, the hardship and demise of America's wild horses.
He has certainly brought his talents, thoughts, experience, research and opinions into creating a delightfully endearing book about this wonderful instrument, the guitar.
Issei Ogata's scarily endearing rendition of the emperor, his lips restively testing the air with carplike twitches, is beyond uncanny.
His lyrics are a little childish and his voice breaks at times but there is plenty here that is endearing and wonderful to listen to.
In a single stroke she managed t o make her husband seem both human and endearing with a series of quips about life as the wife of the most powerful man on the planet.
Miller, formerly a Philadelphia reporter and author of three previous novels, presents an endearing ensemble of characters with urban sensibilities and a strong sense of connections that examine the meaning of family and explores the ethics of street justice.
"People who are as smart, talented, land acclaimed as Arthur Miller are not likely to be endearing," cautions Martin Gottfried on the first page of his biography Arthur Miller: His Life and Work: (Da Capo).