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endear (oneself, someone, or something) to (someone or something)

To cause one feel affection for oneself, someone, or something. The puppy endeared himself to me the minute he crawled into my lap. I don't think this financial blunder will endear me to the boss.
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endear someone to someone or something

to cause someone to be cherished by someone else or a group. Her good humor endears her to all of us. Sally endears herself to everyone because she is so funny. She failed to endear herself to her husband's parents.
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Here are some endearing messages from B-town celebs:
He has certainly brought his talents, thoughts, experience, research and opinions into creating a delightfully endearing book about this wonderful instrument, the guitar.
Issei Ogata's scarily endearing rendition of the emperor, his lips restively testing the air with carplike twitches, is beyond uncanny.
Miller, formerly a Philadelphia reporter and author of three previous novels, presents an endearing ensemble of characters with urban sensibilities and a strong sense of connections that examine the meaning of family and explores the ethics of street justice.
People who are as smart, talented, land acclaimed as Arthur Miller are not likely to be endearing," cautions Martin Gottfried on the first page of his biography Arthur Miller: His Life and Work: (Da Capo).
Johnny Depp (Gilbert Grape) is at the center of a small town freak show starring his brother Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Momma (Darlene Cates) in this endearing comedy about the uncommon grace of ordinary folks.
When they were finally placed together, nurses and doctors watched in astonishment as Kyrie, the healthier twin, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace.
Also noteworthy are the names of Bowie Kuhn, the former commissioner of baseball, and Ernie Harwell, the legendary radio announcer for the Detroit Tigers who recently retired after almost a half century of endearing himself to Michigan baseball fans.
I sometimes see my father glance at my mother with a passion that is both endearing and lustful.
2 Little Birds, her first solo CD on Winnipeg label Endearing Records showcases her impressive skill and flair for image-laden storytelling.
In that endearing, somewhat self-effacing way, typical of her female protagonists, she explains.
In between, there are some 150 intimate studies of America's oldest ballet company, many as bold and endearing as this one for Muriel Maffre and Cyril Pierre, in rehearsal of Balanchine's Stravinsky Violin Concerto.
When Inman wigged out, Clinton begged Warren Rudman and twice waved the job under the nose of Sam Nunn - whose bigotry and bullheadedness the President evidently finds endearing.
But observers say that tPA's endearing qualities may rattle medicine's approach to cardiac care.