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He might not have endeared himself to Fabio Capello by over-reacting to get the QPR man sent off, then attending the world darts final and shoving a sign at a TV camera, reading: "Barton, your breath stinks.
It wasn't clever or funny, but if Johnson does make it into the full national set-up, he'll have endeared himself to several of his new team-mates, who don't have a lot of time for Barton, the self-styled "best midfielder in England".
Romney, a one-term governor who endeared himself to the Religious Right by opposing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, plans to seek the GOP nomination for the presidency next year.
Regardless of that switch or perhaps because of it, he endeared himself to many other gay conservatives.
But Tomjanovich endeared himself to the city and vice versa.
3 is a fresh, colorful look at the man who endeared himself to fans and helped make NASCAR one of America's premiere spectator sports.