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endear (oneself, someone, or something) to (someone or something)

To cause one feel affection for oneself, someone, or something. The puppy endeared himself to me the minute he crawled into my lap. I don't think this financial blunder will endear me to the boss.
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endear someone to someone or something

to cause someone to be cherished by someone else or a group. Her good humor endears her to all of us. Sally endears herself to everyone because she is so funny. She failed to endear herself to her husband's parents.
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But Tomjanovich endeared himself to the city and vice versa.
While it was the Queen's performance as a butch dyke in the film Set It Off that endeared her to queer fans, her majesty now uses her syndicated talk show, Queen Latifah, as a platform for equal rights.
McDonald, who just completed a sold-out solo winter tour in support of Motown, has a unique voice and songwriting style that has endeared him with fans worldwide since his early days with the Doobie Brothers.
Jose Molina's affable demeanor and ability to call a game long ago endeared him to Angels pitchers.
It lacks percussive propulsion, guitar grit, or hummable hooks--the very stuff that endeared these otherwise experimental mumblers to millions.
Danny Aiello, the talented Academy Award nominated actor, whose performances in the films Moonstruck and Do The Right Thing have endeared him to audiences worldwide is making his recording debut on April 20, 2004.
Rodriguez's hustling style endeared him to his coaches.
Neither have they dropped the brand-name blue humor that has both endeared and limited them.
AdventNet has endeared itself to a very prestigious list of customers worldwide, who have trusted their investment in AdventNet technology.
The terrorists who killed Pearl never got to know the personality that endeared him to friends throughout the San Fernando Valley and, later, the world.
Gamers will enjoy playing the classic, `old school' arcade greats that endeared them to video games," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway.
The move endeared him to the Arab world while simultaneously pushing him away from the West.
The Ainsley Harriott Show" debuted in national syndication on January 10, 2000, and has endeared audiences with its fresh blend of celebrity chat and Ainsley's unique brand of cooking.
His exuberant designs and equally endearing personality - one part cherubic mama's boy, one part haute aesthete - endeared Mizrahi to the fashion press and to retailers, who devoted endless pages in magazines and square footage in stores to his clothing.