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endear (oneself, someone, or something) to (someone or something)

To cause one feel affection for oneself, someone, or something. The puppy endeared himself to me the minute he crawled into my lap. I don't think this financial blunder will endear me to the boss.
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endear someone to someone or something

to cause someone to be cherished by someone else or a group. Her good humor endears her to all of us. Sally endears herself to everyone because she is so funny. She failed to endear herself to her husband's parents.
See also: endear
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EMBRACE is studying a small subset of patients with infantile or later-onset SMA who do not meet the age and other criteria of ENDEAR or CHERISH.
Throughout, he celebrates endangered creatures big and small and the qualities that endear them to us.
He even spent a season playing the triangle offense, with Chicago in 1999, which would endear him to coach Phil Jackson - assuming Jackson himself is still with the franchise.
shooting up everything within a three-block radius - do not endear him to Dade County law enforcement authorities.
Umema's fluency in Gujrati, Hindi, Punjabi, Swahili and Urdu further endears her to clients in Floral Park .