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endangered species

A group threatened with extinction or destruction. For example, Workers willing to put in overtime without extra pay are an endangered species, or With the new budget cuts, public television has become an endangered species. This expression, originally referring to species of plants or animals in danger of dying out, began in the 1980s to be extended to anything or anyone becoming rare.
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an endangered species

If you describe something as an endangered species, you mean that there are not many of them left. Business class is in danger of becoming an endangered species, except on long flights. Bassoons, oboes and the big brass instruments are endangered species because children do not want to play them. Note: This expression comes from the literal meaning of a plant or animal that is likely to die out soon.
See also: endanger, species
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The ministry claimed that the status of the snow leopard has also improved, and the species is now listed as vulnerable instead of endangered.
Now that the rusty patched bumblebee joins seven other species of bees from Hawaii on the endangered species list, it will enjoy new protections that prevent the animal from being hunted and its natural habitat from behind modified in a way that may harm it.
Vulnerable species refers to a species of subspecies that are neither critically endangered nor endangered but is under threat from adverse factors throughout their range and is likely to move to the endangered category in the near future.
The problem of endangered species is significant for many reasons.
Such monitoring is important, Watts says, because the needs of society conflict increasingly with those of endangered species.
Another 11 became extinct despite eventual listing as endangered species; due to significant delays in the listing process, the protections came too late.
Citing concerns over endangered coho salmon in the Klamath River and endangered sucker fish in Upper Klamath Lake, the bureau had warned early this year that as many as 90 percent of water-rights holders might not receive any water whatsoever in the summer.
Permits the Secretary to make contracts with non-Federal parties to adjust habitats to benefit endangered or threatened species.
The designation, which is just one step below formal endangered status, means that the tortoise is in imminent danger of extinction, explains Patterson.
They'll spend six days in classrooms and dormitories at Pigeon Key, snorkel in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and study with SeaWorld's expert instructors to learn about the ecology of Florida's endangered coral reefs.
would take "very strong action" if Japan hunts the endangered whales.
We continue to improve the Fish and Wildlife Service's Endangered Species Program web page.
Endangered species in Hawaii would get a boost if all goes as planned for the proposed Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge, now undergoing its final environmental assessment.
The Building Owners and Manager Association (BOMA) International, a leading advocacy group for the commercial real estate industry, announced that four issues of major concern to building owners and property managers have been added to its already full 1997 agenda: re-authorization of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA); reform of the Endangered Species Act (ESA); brownfields revitalization; and Superfund re-authorization and reform.
As an example of this last tactic, consider the following claim about the endangered species list made by Ray in 1993 on KKLA, a southern California religious radio station: