end with

end with (something)

To conclude something with a particular action. Well, as usual, our family dinner ended with a big fight.
See also: end

end with something

to make something the final element, just before the end. We will end with the singing of the school song. The concert ended with a vigorous march.
See also: end
References in classic literature ?
Only Good Deeds is true, only Good Deeds stands by him to the end with comforting words.
By providing Lands' End with an on ramp to major B2B trading exchanges such as Ariba Network and Commerce One MarketSite, webMethods is enabling Lands' End to expand its sales channel, streamline the purchasing process and foster tighter relationships with its customers.
NASDAQ: CBSL) announced that it won a major project to help Lands' End with their Year 2000 software compliance effort over the next two years.
The integration of TOP END with Oracle Developer/2000 is the latest accomplishment in a 10-year relationship with Oracle.