end up with

end up with (someone or something)

1. To be with someone, often by default. It seems that we've ended up with the most boring tour guide on the planet. He's seriously putting me to sleep. If you don't start dating more serious guys, you're going to end up with a doofus.
2. To possess something at the end or as a result of something else. We ended up with nothing because the yard sale was a bust. I ended up with a ticket to the concert because one of Nicole's friends couldn't go at the last minute.
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end up with someone or something

to finish with the possession of someone or something or in the company of someone or something. Careful or you will end up with Johnny for the weekend. Do you want to end up with the bill? I thought my date was with Sally, but I ended up with her twin sister.
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La Salle, FEU, and UP can still end up with identical 7-7 records and if that happens the Fighting Maroons will take the third seed by virtue of a superior quotient over the other two and that will leave the Green Archers and the Tamaraws to fight for the no.4 spot.
In an effort to end up with the most promising tenants, UCF offers entrepreneurship training, certificate courses in business planning and strategy, and a seven-week "boot camp" course that acts as a self-selecting filter for start-ups, before they are accepted by the incubator.
I hope we'll end up with a common infrastructure that is constantly investing to provide greater supply chain management services to the various channels through which we sell our products.