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walking encyclopedia

A very knowledgeable person, as in Ask Rob-he's a walking encyclopedia of military history. A similar expression, a walking dictionary, was used by George Chapman in his poem "Tears of Peace" (c. 1600).

a walking dictionary


a walking encyclopedia

If you describe someone as a walking dictionary or a walking encyclopedia, you mean that they know a lot of words or facts. She raised five of us on her own and she's a walking dictionary. He was a walking encyclopedia of music, full of wit and charm. Note: People sometimes use other words instead of dictionary or encyclopedia. He's a walking database on anything relating to insurance.
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a walking ˈdictionary, encycloˈpedia, etc.

(informal) used to describe a human or living example of the thing mentioned: Geoff is a walking encyclopedia. He knows about everything.She’s a walking dictionary (= she knows a lot of words).
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Encyclopedia Britannica tries to differentiate itself from Wikipedia by contending it provides "answers you can trust.
Established in March 1983, the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) is a scientific and research institute for compiling and publishing general and special encyclopedias about all aspects and dimensions of human culture and civilization, specially Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization.
The encyclopedia was also discussed at a debate in Skopje on Thursday, at which historian Vlado Popovski, adviser to the prime minister, argued that inexperienced authors wrote parts of the encyclopedia.
In the case of Islam, for instance, one would expect any encyclopedia on religion and nature to include a major entry on hima, the protected pasture; ERN does not.
The Encyclopedia of African American Society (Sage Publications, March 2005) is a two-volume set that includes a list of black athletes in the sports of Hall of Fame, and covers topics such as fine arts, movements and events, religion and beliefs, and politics and policies, as they gave rise to today's African American society.
Certainly, the editors had little choice other than to group subjects into larger themes; the alternative--to include a heading for every single topic--would have produced a dictionary rather than an encyclopedia.
The encyclopedia states, "The address '942' is given, but the poem has not been linked to an abode in which Hughes lived.
But there is also a need for a popular readers' dictionary or encyclopedia, a need first recognized by Anatole Chujoy when he brought out his own Dance Encyclopedia in 1949.
Anson Phelps Stokes, head of the Phelps-Stokes Association, a foundation dedicated to ameliorating race relations in America, called a meeting of 20 scholars and public figures at Howard University on November 7, 1931, to edit an "Encyclopedia of the Negro," a Pan-African encyclopedia similar to Du-Bois's 1909 project.
Larkin, who has chronicled pop music for 31 years, penned the encyclopedia along with a hand-picked team of a dozen contributors.
The appearance of this encyclopedia represents a flowering of the fruits of Vatican II.
I thought of these people once again when I found the Encyclopedia of Catholicism (HarperCollins, 1995) under my Christmas tree.
The much heralded Encyclopedia of Ukraine is indeed an impressive publication.
The Global Change Encyclopedia will embody a similar concept, though its power will rest in science rather than magic.
HighBeam Encyclopedia is a great addition to our unique HighBeam Research Engine," said HighBeam Research Founder, Chairman and CEO Patrick Spain.