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encumber (someone or something) with (something)

To burden or overwhelm someone or something with something. I suspect that your employees haven't come up with a solution yet because you've encumbered them with so many restrictions. Try not to encumber the system with too many operations at once.
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encumber someone or something with someone or something

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Please do not try to encumber me with your debts. She encumbered the marriage with a number of children from a previous marriage. She encumbered herself with the weight of both children and her purse.
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In addition, the translucent glass wall panels provide privacy without encumbering the areas.
When an owner surrenders a property by foreclosure and the creditor is the successful bidder, the owner is deemed to receive consideration equal to the greater amount of the bid by the amount of liabilities encumbering the property will be the measure of consideration in this situation.
As a result of these agreements, and an aggressive sales effort that generated sufficient funds to remove the liens, the lis pendens encumbering the co-op was lifted on January 30, 1992.