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encumber (someone or something) with (something)

To burden or overwhelm someone or something with something. I suspect that your employees haven't come up with a solution yet because you've encumbered them with so many restrictions. Try not to encumber the system with too many operations at once.
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encumber someone or something with someone or something

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Please do not try to encumber me with your debts. She encumbered the marriage with a number of children from a previous marriage. She encumbered herself with the weight of both children and her purse.
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1992)], stated the rule as follows: "Funds are encumbered only where the taxpayer is legally obligated to use the funds for a purpose other than satisfying the preexisting employment tax liability and if that legal obligation is superior to the interest of the IRS in the funds." This rule follows from the definition of willfulness.
According to a court-appointed examiner's report, about USD39bn of Lehman Brothers Holding's USD41bn cash pool was encumbered a day before it went bankrupt.
The lot sales are reported as follows (arrayed by sale price): Sale Lot Size Price per Easement Sale # Price (Acres) SF Status 1 $122,000 3.00 $0.93 Encumbered 2 $124,000 0.61 $4.67 Unencumbered 3 $129,500 1.40 $2.12 Encumbered 4 $135,000 2.63 $1.18 Encumbered 5 $140,000 0.77 $4.17 Unencumbered 6 $154,500 0.65 $5.46 Unencumbered 7 $165,000 0.50 $7.58 Unencumbered 8 $167,500 0.45 $8.55 Unencumbered 9 $167,500 0.47 $8.18 Unencumbered 10 $167,999 0.76 $5.07 Unencumbered 11 $180,000 0.55 $7.51 Unencumbered
The example explains that the reason the $400 is not income is that (like a loan) the money is encumbered with a repayment obligation.
It could be useful to schoolchildren encumbered with books or to emergency personnel and soldiers who sometimes need to sprint while carrying heavy loads, says the pack's inventor, locomotion researcher Lawrence Rome of the Univerisity of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
The Xi-100 is designed for the researcher who is interested in getting fast, repeatable data from an instrument that is not encumbered by unneeded levels of complication, according to the literature.
PROUD Les Endicott looks a little bit encumbered as he struggles to keep a grip on his whopping 34ins cucumber.
Krusse and Leffler (1984) found two "encumbered females" of Belostoma flumineum Say, from Coles County, Illinois, USA, one of them carrying one egg and the other six eggs on its back but at the laboratory they kicked them off and the eggs did not hatch.
For all the sideshows that encumbered the '60s--the sex, the drugs, the music, the hair--the ultimate legacy of the period is a Great Moral Leap Forward, such that America is now more publicly committed to equal opportunity, diversity, fairness and environmental preservation than at any time in our history.
"We simply cannot afford to continue to be encumbered by high legacy issues and burdensome restrictions under current labor agreements that impair our ability to compete.
We are encumbered with a load of care." By recognizing the emotional toil extracted by their professions, participants meditate on the scripture readings presented.
Other biologists are not so encumbered, as the International Code for Zoological Nomenclature (3) and the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (4) very nicely handle plants, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa that reproduce asexually.
This book is grounded in documents but not encumbered by them.
If the title shows that the landlord has encumbered its fee interest, the tenant should obtain a non-disturbance agreement from the senior lienholder.