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encumber (someone or something) with (something)

To burden or overwhelm someone or something with something. I suspect that your employees haven't come up with a solution yet because you've encumbered them with so many restrictions. Try not to encumber the system with too many operations at once.
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encumber someone or something with someone or something

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Please do not try to encumber me with your debts. She encumbered the marriage with a number of children from a previous marriage. She encumbered herself with the weight of both children and her purse.
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Section 357(c) does not, however, adequately address situations where a single liability encumbers more than one property or where more than one corporation receives property encumbered by the same debt.
The sale of a blanket non-performing mortgage and note that encumbers three walk-up apartment buildings located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.
To encumber the property (with his wife's consent).
Specifically, the Tax Court concluded that a partnership exists when (1) the co-owners or their agent performs services that are more than customary (such as arranging financing, collecting rents, preparing statements and purchasing and leasing equipment), (2) the co-owners' ability to sell, lease or encumber either their undivided fractional interests or the underlying property is limited and (3) the co-owners share the property's profits and losses with the manager or agent.