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encumber (someone or something) with (something)

To burden or overwhelm someone or something with something. I suspect that your employees haven't come up with a solution yet because you've encumbered them with so many restrictions. Try not to encumber the system with too many operations at once.
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encumber someone or something with someone or something

to burden someone or something with someone or something. Please do not try to encumber me with your debts. She encumbered the marriage with a number of children from a previous marriage. She encumbered herself with the weight of both children and her purse.
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If the title shows that the landlord has encumbered its fee interest, the tenant should obtain a non-disturbance agreement from the senior lienholder.
Peracchi contributed two parcels of real estate that were encumbered by liabilities that exceeded his adjusted basis in the properties by $566,807.
The females probably have to carry the eggs for months, which would encumber their swimming and raise the risk of getting caught by a whale or seal.
Additionally, the CBA is seeking authority to encumber funds for specific investigative contracts for at least two years and be able to have nine months' operating budget.
The smaller paintings on view (all Untitled) were more modest, as if it were not Bovasso's intent to encumber any single sheet of paper with too much stuff.
* To encumber the property (with his wife's consent).
Specifically, the Tax Court concluded that a partnership exists when (1) the co-owners or their agent performs services that are more than customary (such as arranging financing, collecting rents, preparing statements and purchasing and leasing equipment), (2) the co-owners' ability to sell, lease or encumber either their undivided fractional interests or the underlying property is limited and (3) the co-owners share the property's profits and losses with the manager or agent.
* The bulk sale of non-performing mortgages and notes that encumber three walkup apartment buildings in The Bronx.
* Generally, each co-owner must have an unlimited right to transfer, partition or encumber his or its interest in the property.
While demand was partly encumbered by low award rates, the 3-month was also weakened by the $3 B increase in size.
For Claire to be held liable, the following elements must be proven beyond reasonable doubt: (1) that the thing disposed of be real property; (2) that the offender knew that the real property was encumbered, whether the encumbrance is recorded or not; (3) that there must be express representation by the offender that the real property is free from encumbrance; and (4) that the act of disposing of the real property be made to the damage of another.
Martha's husband, Michael Janey, settled a dispute with Mader by granting Mader a note secured by a mortgage (the "Mader mortgage") that encumbered three properties: the Janeys' homestead property and two non-homestead properties they owned.
Under this loan agreement, ten of the company's Boeing 757 aircraft will be encumbered as a security for the repayment of the loan.