encroach (up)on (something)

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encroach (up)on (something)

To approach or cross a literal or figurative boundary. That fool next door totally encroached upon my land when he built his new fence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to encroach on your authority by assigning work to your interns.
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encroach (up)on someone or something

to infringe or trespass on someone or something; to move into the space belonging to someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I did not mean to encroach upon your property. I need lots of space. Don't encroach on me.
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encroach on

or encroach upon
To advance or extend toward or into something beyond its proper or former limits: The weeds in my neighbor's yard are encroaching on my lawn. At the edge of the village, the desert encroaches upon grassland.
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References in classic literature ?
Shortly after they passed the summit of the ridge which formed the boundary between the desert and the fertile country, Ska, the vulture, winging his way at a high altitude toward his aerie, caught sight of a strange new bird of gigantic proportions encroaching upon the preserves of his aerial domain.
Summary: Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Mar 31 (ANI): Union Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of encroaching upon the land of the farmers in Gauriganj in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi.
However now, the area police are encroaching upon the structure.
Officials, on the occasion, also warned the shopkeepers to refrain from encroaching upon the space in front of their shops, or otherwise they would be dealt with as per law.
He further said that the corrupt officials of KMC and Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) were involved in encroaching upon public lands and properties; and strict legal action should also be taken against them.
ISLAMABAD: President of the Hindu Council Ramesh Kumar on Friday alleged in the Supreme Court (SC) that senior PPP leader Khursheed Shah's name was among the suspects accused of encroaching upon Hindu community land in Sukkur.
Speaking on the occasion, Osakhel elders Malik Ali Bakht, Malik Aslam Parvez, Malik Farooq Iqbal, Malik Bakhtawar Jan, Malik Shahidar Khan, Malik Ajmal Shah, Malik Ahmadyar Khan and Malik Matiullah said that the tenants of Shatai Darra were encroaching upon their land in clear violation of a stay order issued by the apex court.
The CDA tried to stop the lawyers from encroaching upon the playground and issued eviction orders to them.
The lawyers had been constructing their chambers on the land of the ground since February 2013, but the civic body failed to prevent them from encroaching upon the state land.
He also said Dino had been interfering with the agency's day-to-day operations, 'encroaching upon the duties of SBMA administrator and chief executive officer.'
KUWAIT, June 5 (KUNA) -- A man accused of using offensive language against the state and His Highness the Amir and encroaching upon public order was arrested by Kuwaiti authorities on Friday.
Hiremath, who had accused the minister and his family of encroaching upon more than 47 acres of government land.
He urged authorities to remove customs restrictions and ease travel procedures without encroaching upon valid regulations.
An ordinary rancher, Claude Bamhill, has vowed to preserve his ancestral lands from the bureaucracy encroaching upon it, but he needs help--and hires a rag-tag turkey hunter and local Indians to form a de facto guard.
Make no mistake, however: Dieter Zetsche, Chrysler Group president and CEO has absolutely no intention on encroaching upon the "premium" category that Mercedes competes in (he's also a board of Management member of DaimlerChrysler AG).