encroach (up)on (something)

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encroach (up)on (something)

To approach or cross a literal or figurative boundary. That fool next door totally encroached upon my land when he built his new fence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to encroach on your authority by assigning work to your interns.
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encroach (up)on someone or something

to infringe or trespass on someone or something; to move into the space belonging to someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I did not mean to encroach upon your property. I need lots of space. Don't encroach on me.
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encroach on

or encroach upon
To advance or extend toward or into something beyond its proper or former limits: The weeds in my neighbor's yard are encroaching on my lawn. At the edge of the village, the desert encroaches upon grassland.
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If the elephant encroaches upon the highway, it is going to be disastrous.'
But Eisma cried foul, arguing that 'this purported task force interferes and encroaches upon this power, function, and duty of the administrator and chief executive officer, and is thus counterproductive, superfluous and unnecessary.'
Suggesting that the ' O' Zone defined by the DDA, in Master Plan 2021, along with the same topographical areas covered under Uttar Pradesh be designated as ' River Zone', the committee has recommended that no development activity that encroaches upon the active floodplain, obstructs the flow or pollutes the river, be permitted within such a zone.
The cabinet was of the opinion that setting up of NCTC was against the concept of federalism and encroaches upon the rights of the state governments.
United Nations, Jan 7(ANI): Pakistan has rejected India's stance on the Sir Creek estuary border dispute, saying that the country does not recognize the baseline system, which encroaches upon its territory.
This new space encroaches upon the garden but, as at the Eames house, the garden becomes part of the house.
The IBP said the regulation issued by the BIR and the Department of Finance "encroaches upon the Court's exclusive authority and jurisdiction to regulate and prescribe rules" for the legal profession.