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encroach (up)on (something)

To approach or cross a literal or figurative boundary. That fool next door totally encroached upon my land when he built his new fence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to encroach on your authority by assigning work to your interns.
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encroach (up)on someone or something

to infringe or trespass on someone or something; to move into the space belonging to someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I did not mean to encroach upon your property. I need lots of space. Don't encroach on me.
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encroach on

or encroach upon
To advance or extend toward or into something beyond its proper or former limits: The weeds in my neighbor's yard are encroaching on my lawn. At the edge of the village, the desert encroaches upon grassland.
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The hospital administration had launched anti-encroachment drives in past but the political influence of encroachers successfully failed all such efforts.
Anti-encroachment personnel were also deployed in different markets so that encroachers activities could be controlled," he added.
When local sub collector Sriram Venkatraman took stern action against encroachers, there had been calls from CPM leaders including electricity minister M.M.
The pedestrians have expressed their reservations; they say that encroachers are not only causing inconvenience and difficulties to passers-by but at the same time they are causing traffic congestion.
However, Mohd Azim Tuman, former chief of Houseboat Owners Association said: " When those people whose structures got submerged in floods last year started reconstructing them, they were accused of being encroachers," he said.
However, he added that the encroachers had sold part of the land to ordinary residents.
Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry said that there was a dire need to launch anti-encroachment drive in the City in general and in the Gulberg area in particular because these encroachers were not only depriving the people of healthy environment but also affecting the business activities badly.
''We can confirm the deaths of three encroachers and a policeman in the clashes so far,'' the district's chief administrator Hari Krishna Poudel told Kyodo News by phone Saturday.
Adiala Road, Dhamial Road, Chakri Road, Morgah, Misrial Road, Dhama Mor and several other areas are still occupied by the encroachers as shopkeepers and vendors have occupied most of the footpaths and open spaces with Suzuki pickups, and other goods displayed by shopkeepers in front of their shops hampering traffic flow besides creating trouble for the pedestrians to walk.
On Jan 6, a drive was started to retrieve Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU)'s land from encroachers. But this operation was halted before it reached a logical conclusion.
that the encroachers have re-occupied the roads of the area and the officers
The encroachers had built homes in courtyard of mausoleum and compound wall was erected over major portion of mausoleum.
An official at CHK told that the encroachers had started shifting their household items, including home appliances and furniture, last night and continued till 04:00 pm to avoid anti- encroachment operation of District South management and law enforcement agencies.
Rawalpindi -- The National Highway Authority (NHA) has issued notices to encroachers to remove all the encroachments along the GT Road in Rawat, informed official sources here on Friday.