encroach (up)on (something)

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encroach (up)on (something)

To approach or cross a literal or figurative boundary. That fool next door totally encroached upon my land when he built his new fence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to encroach on your authority by assigning work to your interns.
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encroach (up)on someone or something

to infringe or trespass on someone or something; to move into the space belonging to someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I did not mean to encroach upon your property. I need lots of space. Don't encroach on me.
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encroach on

or encroach upon
To advance or extend toward or into something beyond its proper or former limits: The weeds in my neighbor's yard are encroaching on my lawn. At the edge of the village, the desert encroaches upon grassland.
See also: encroach, on
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The concerned authorities are directed that if the public streets are encroached upon, then remove it within 10 days and submit compliance report,' the court ruled.
The local landowners registered an application with the District Administration Office (DAO), claiming that their properties were being encroached upon in the name of border management.
According to the department's statement, there were 35,000 plots in 112 areas that had been encroached upon.
The land of this religious place has been encroached upon by a hospital.
According to reports, Nagaland residents have encroached upon 4,000 hectares in the 5,927-hectare Geleky reserve forest in Assam's Sivasagar district.
Kathmandu, May 31 -- The Supreme Court on Sunday directed the government to prepare and submit a detailed action plan to bring back 1,849 ropanis of government land encroached upon and used by individuals, who had transferred the land ownership in their names.
Eleven rangers and volunteers cut back scrub and trees which had encroached upon rare reedbed habitat in the first phase of work on the site owned by Corus steel, and home to Flintshire's only common tern colony.
2 : to go beyond the usual or proper limits <Cities have encroached upon wildlife habitats.
Once an airport is encroached upon it's a dead duck,'' said Supervisor Don Maben, whose district includes Mojave.
For too long this situation has developed until it is now the norm and I know of no other town which permits the sanctity of their Cenotaph to be encroached upon.
Both companies have re-established that competing sales dates should not be encroached upon without prior agreement.
The book covers the negative impact of early 19th century Europeans on the warring Stone Age culture which they encroached upon, the debauchery of the whalers, the appointment of a Lieutenant Governor and events which Ryan refers to as 'a true New Zealand Holocaust' as well as much more about the people involved.
STANLEY Park has already been encroached upon at the Utting Avenue side, with car parks.
Like souvenirs, Welling's images are suffused with nostalgia, encroached upon by shadow and cold conditions under which archival material is best kept.