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encroach (up)on (something)

To approach or cross a literal or figurative boundary. That fool next door totally encroached upon my land when he built his new fence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to encroach on your authority by assigning work to your interns.
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encroach (up)on someone or something

to infringe or trespass on someone or something; to move into the space belonging to someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I did not mean to encroach upon your property. I need lots of space. Don't encroach on me.
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encroach on

or encroach upon
To advance or extend toward or into something beyond its proper or former limits: The weeds in my neighbor's yard are encroaching on my lawn. At the edge of the village, the desert encroaches upon grassland.
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(12) If the franchisor encroaches on the franchisee's market area, the franchisee, under Iowa Code, has a cause of action for monetary damages against the franchisor.
The statement read that a group of 26 Orang Asli families, which includes 74 males and 42 females, had moved out from the Dala Resettlement Program in early 2017 and encroached into the Air Cepam Forest Reserve, which belong to the state, after a misunderstanding with the Kampung Sungai Sarok village chief.
The provincial governor, it said, had entrusted duties to the Unit Command Team to investigate sites that had been encroached on and occupied to better understand the situation and identify those involved.
However, the counsel submitted that in addition to the existence of the mosque and seminary now attempts were being made by the respondent to encroach upon the adjacent portion of the land for a graveyard.
A report submitted by Commissioner Rawalpindi reveals that according to official land record, Mozzam had encroached upon the land of the Dharmarajika Stupa.
Gill further divulged while showing some documents of the encroached land that Shaikh Rohail Asghar was close lieutenant of Sharif Brothers when the land from the posh areas in Lahore was mutated in the name of his relatives and later on the land was distributed to others people with the connivances of the revenue officers of the local administration.
The two slums which are in Embakasi and Makadara constitutencies are among the most exposed, where residents have encroached the wayleave.
'This is because we do not want the government to lose revenue, and we hope this effort will bring benefit to the state government, because there many places where the land has been encroached on,' he told reporters after surveying the land here, today.
Talking to Dawn, Ms Safi said that showrooms owners had encroached on big portion of roads and that was creating problems in movement of traffic and even pedestrians were finding it difficult to use footpath because they had been encroached.
Assistant Commissioner City Sania Safi led the action against encroached area and sealed 15 showrooms on Fatima Jinnah road, yet road and surrounding areas.
The complete removal of encroached structures will be undertaken tomorrow because more machines were needed.
RAWALPINDI -- A forensic audit report of 12 housing schemes owned by Rawalpindi Development Authority has revealed that land worth Rs10 billion has been encroached upon by highly influential people.
Heavy contingents of Malir steel mill administration, accompanied by police, revenue officials and its staff with heavy machinery, reached the village and demolished all huts made on encroached lands, officials told media.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Saturday demolished the lawn of PPP Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari's house, claiming that it was built on encroached land that belonged to the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU).
Civic authority claims lawn was built on encroached land belonging to Quaid-e-Azam University ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Saturday demolished the lawn of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Secretary General Nayyar Bukhari's house, claiming that it was built on encroached land that belonged to theQuaid-i-AzamUniversity(QAU).