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encourage (one) in (something)

To support and urge one on in some pursuit. My dad has always encouraged me in my studies, but he refuses to accept my interest in becoming an actress.
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encourage (one) to (do something)

To urge one to do something. My dad has always encouraged me to become an actress, but I just don't enjoy being the center of attention. That serious illness encouraged Colleen to start thinking about retirement.
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encourage someone in something

to give support to someone about something in particular. We want to encourage her in her musical career. Ted encouraged me in my efforts to become a baseball player.
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encourage someone to do something

to inspire or stimulate someone to do something; to give someone the courage to do something. We encouraged her to develop her musical talents. He encouraged himself to study hard so he could make it into medical school.
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25), thereby encouraging critical thinking about the media.
org), also favors tax credits as the method of choice for encouraging the purchase of long-term care insurance.
The FTB is planning informational seminars on e-filing to explain tire process to tax professionals, and they are encouraging professionals to become familiar with the process by visiting their website at www.
Even if a business only requires one person, that is still economic development and that is what we are encouraging and supporting.
org, plans to expand its cyberspace offerings to facilitate international linkages and make its archival material more available in hopes of encouraging humanistic studies and dialogues.
If the consumer who stutters has formed an intimate relationship, the rehabilitation counselor can play a positive role by encouraging the consumer to discuss ideas and feelings regarding stuttering and its influence on all aspects of life, including the intimate relationship with his/her partner.
Actually, I can't criticize the idea of encouraging employees to go to their supervisors with their questions, suggestions and concerns.
During TEI's November 1996 liaison meeting with Commissioner Richardson, yourself, and other IRS National Office personnel, the Institute expressed concern that the National Office's concentration on increased production (as measured by "dollars recommended") could impair the overall effectiveness of the Coordinated Examination Program (CEP) by encouraging agents to pursue questionable issues.
The approaches to ensuring safe and efficient use of the financial markets by the unsophisticated vary and include restricting their access to certain markets, providing guidance for their investment and risk management practices, encouraging them to obtain independent advice, encouraging diversification of their portfolios, and shifting some of the risk of loss from the unsophisticated customers to the dealer by establishing special responsibilities for dealers' transactions with their less sophisticated customers.
Winton, Conference Coordinator for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, has agreed to serve as the main point of contact for educating AICPA members about the conference and encouraging CPAs to serve as delegates to the state, regional and national meeting.
Second, the board will face a difficult decision if the stock price falls dramatically; it must choose between forgiving loans or encouraging dysfunctional behavior by executives who take imprudent risks to try to cover their loans.
Encouraging the use of both innovative and proven model prevention programs with provisions to evaluate their results.
com/research/b095b1/the_encouraging_th) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "The Encouraging the Heart Workshop Facilitator's Guide Set" to their offering.
Therefore, the aims of this initiative and the support mechanism are also directed at encouraging the development and delivery of imaging tools to support biomedical imaging in general for applications in oncology and other diseases.