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encourage (one) in (something)

To support and urge one on in some pursuit. My dad has always encouraged me in my studies, but he refuses to accept my interest in becoming an actress.
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encourage (one) to (do something)

To urge one to do something. My dad has always encouraged me to become an actress, but I just don't enjoy being the center of attention. That serious illness encouraged Colleen to start thinking about retirement.
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encourage someone in something

to give support to someone about something in particular. We want to encourage her in her musical career. Ted encouraged me in my efforts to become a baseball player.
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encourage someone to do something

to inspire or stimulate someone to do something; to give someone the courage to do something. We encouraged her to develop her musical talents. He encouraged himself to study hard so he could make it into medical school.
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Mentors must be models of wellness that can encourage the development of habits such as conflict resolution, discernment, and good decisionmaking skills.
Not violent things to copy but they could encourage anti-social behaviour.
In closing, we strongly encourage the implementation of media literacy curriculum in primary and secondary schools throughout the United States.
The joint audit planning process encourages the examination team to discuss all issues before issuing a NOPA.
All royalties from these books go directly back to the Young Authors Foundation to encourage teen writing.
Higher wealth not only encourages people to spend more because they feel richer but, with the help of financial innovations such as easier re-mortgaging, also enables increased borrowing.
Programming and activity centers encountered along each route encourage engagement rather than aimless wandering.
Second, it encourages executives to convert their options into real shares and thus completely align their interests with shareholders.
According to Manly, the club encourages "inclusion in all areas of filmmaking--writers, stunt people, in the executive office.
An Inadequate History of Conceptual Art encourages reflection on how groundbreaking this art movement initially was, while provocatively problematizing its return in the present.
The teacher who allows and encourages children to collaborate in their writing further enhances the child's autonomy.
Revelation of stuttering encourages both the intimate relationships and family to function in a positive manner.
We recognize that the IRS has a responsibility to assert penalties in appropriate cases, but submit that a system that encourages or permits penalties to be used as a weapon borders on the unprofessional and is susceptible to abuse.
Modeling this behavior encourages others to do the same.
The guidance encourages dealers to ensure that the counterparties understand the nature of, and the risks inherent in, the agreed transactions.