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encourage (one) in (something)

To support and urge one on in some pursuit. My dad has always encouraged me in my studies, but he refuses to accept my interest in becoming an actress.
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encourage (one) to (do something)

To urge one to do something. My dad has always encouraged me to become an actress, but I just don't enjoy being the center of attention. That serious illness encouraged Colleen to start thinking about retirement.
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encourage someone in something

to give support to someone about something in particular. We want to encourage her in her musical career. Ted encouraged me in my efforts to become a baseball player.
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encourage someone to do something

to inspire or stimulate someone to do something; to give someone the courage to do something. We encouraged her to develop her musical talents. He encouraged himself to study hard so he could make it into medical school.
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Mr Dube observed that activities like jogging at home were affordable and further encouraged those participating in various sporting activities to be motivated since they were doing it for their health and not for awards.
It helps when children are encouraged not only by their parents but also by those who inspire them.
Mary Malloy, head of medicines management at Solihull Care Trust encouraged people to ask the questions.
Similarly, when people practicing unacceptable behaviors such as sexual harassment or misuse of resources are removed from an organization, other offenders know similar fates could also befall them and are encouraged to change their ways.
Emphasis on career development for environmental health scientists is strongly encouraged. The application should address plans that will promote training of new investigators and bring new expertise into the area of environmental health sciences.
Midori Koga encouraged teachers to consider working with senior citizens.
And Yahng is encouraged by recent polls that suggest the profession's image is more than on the mend.
All students were encouraged to respond to the survey but participation was not required and had no bearing on their assignment grade.
Parents should be encouraged to articulate their own values for living and behavior and to teach them in the home.
What were once dynamic, evolving centres for living, working and socialising have been designated conservation areas, where infrastructure, land cost and space considerations have encouraged residential and business functions to occupy out-of-town suburbs and city fringes.
On the one side, she is inspired by the 'fantastic people' she meets, and encouraged by the 'new crop of leadership' in Africa.
To this end, research collaboration among government, academic medical institutions and industry should be encouraged and rewarded.
Barbara contacted the director of their Child Nutrition Department and was encouraged to submit suggestions for the menu.
Thomas Christians encouraged creativity, supposing that what matters most is not getting it right, where "it" is a set of beliefs, but drawing closer to the "light within." The initiate draws closer to the light by opening up and allowing the spirit to speak through him or her.
In the 1960s the marketers were less damaging when they encouraged nonethical conduct and when they encouraged consumers to waste resources.