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encourage (one) in (something)

To support and urge one on in some pursuit. My dad has always encouraged me in my studies, but he refuses to accept my interest in becoming an actress.
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encourage (one) to (do something)

To urge one to do something. My dad has always encouraged me to become an actress, but I just don't enjoy being the center of attention. That serious illness encouraged Colleen to start thinking about retirement.
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encourage someone in something

to give support to someone about something in particular. We want to encourage her in her musical career. Ted encouraged me in my efforts to become a baseball player.
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encourage someone to do something

to inspire or stimulate someone to do something; to give someone the courage to do something. We encouraged her to develop her musical talents. He encouraged himself to study hard so he could make it into medical school.
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Tinkering with the tax code to encourage higher education will do little to raise basic education skills and may succeed only in providing a windfall for families whose children would go on to college anyway.
An IDS must develop a strategy that creates value for the customers in the given market, and the compensation system must encourage the behaviors necessary to create that value on a consistent basis.
It also aims to encourage writers and social media activists to continue writing, documenting and enriching the society with latest developments in the economic field, providing a platform to highlight their skills and creative abilities, as well as presenting ideas representing the private sector aimed at legislators.
"In Solihull we would always encourage patients to ask their doctor or pharmacist any questions they may have about their medicines," she said.
Tax Executives Institute believes it is essential that EU encourage Member States to assist businesses with the challenges posed by the impending enlargement of the EU.
Therefore encourage your union employees to take advantage of the, no cost to them, classes held Local 32 BJ and allow your building to realize maximum value.
Oregon's old bridges are being given new lives as the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed a series of initiatives that encourages recycling on all levels of its OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program.
One, the "Healthy Forests Partnership Act," would: authorize the Forest Service and BLM to enter into new partnerships; designate new Healthy Forests Partnership Zones in priority areas to foster investment by nonfederal parties; and encourage the application of peer-reviewed science with heightened legal significance.
Encourage hard work, good nutrition and hydration, rest and good coaching as the tools of performance-enhancement--rather than injections, pills, powders and other dietary supplements.
Parents have to teach children the value of money and guide them in their spending, encourage them to save, explore entrepreneurship opportunities, and expose them to solid financial planning.
An initiative to encourage people to cycle to Birmingham has been set up after receiving part of a pounds 2 million Government community fund.
CORRECTION: Leaving aside the morality of having the government spend tax dollars to encourage gambling, the alleged financial benefits of state lotteries are vastly overstated.
Changing feedback systems can also encourage shifts in behavior.
Newly released guidelines for 2005 (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005) encourage more fruits and vegetables while still keeping moderate amounts of sugar and fats.