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encompass (someone or something) in (something)

To include or contain someone or something in something. Do you plan to encompass current residents in this rate hike?
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encompass someone or something (with)in something

to surround or include someone or something within the domain or span of something. We encompassed the group within our administrative area. They could not encompass our neighborhood in the new school district.
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While the local meaning of the Gwer Sa La Festival is embedded in a system of institutional encompassment, the superscribing power of the state seems to continue to remain as a disembedded Other, unlikely to engage and participate in the local world.
Hoem finds more inspiration in James Fox's notion of social ascendancy than in Dumontian ideas of encompassment. Olaf Smedal, finally, turns to contemporary ethnography again with a chapter about the role of sacrifice in Eastern Indonesia (Flores), contending that hierarchical values in his case are not related by encompassment, but rather by obliteration, rendering the other completely irrelevant, thus reigning supreme as unassailable totality.
The published information had dealt with the shapes of parts of Clorindo Testa's Bank of London & South America, but couldn't begin to communicate the brilliance of the space, the sophistication of the detail, the cleverness of the encompassment of a tight city corner.
(12) Political domination in this 'galactic' system did not mean dissolving or extinguishing the sovereignty of conquered units, but rather of incorporating them in totum into a hierarchical system through the logic of encompassment. (13)
In a suggestive contribution to the literature on spatializing states, James Ferguson and Akhil Gupta identify two registers in which states represent themselves and people experience them as spatial entities: verticality and encompassment. (15) Verticality refers to the state as somehow above civil society, community, and so on.
The quality of unity cannot be separated from reality and from God's existence, just as omni-presence, comprehensiveness, encompassment, and immanence cannot be negated from Him.
Movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Hero were produced and marketed throughout East Asia in a transnational encompassment. Others, like Jan Dara, 2046, Initial D, and Musa are also ambitious co-productions involving staff members and actors from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand.
Multicultural Encompassment. Cultural Anthropology 14: 180-202.
Taye (1813-99) produced a 10-volume encyclopedia describing the entire range of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet, called Shes byakun khyab, or the Encompassment of All Knowledge.
van Dijk, "From Camp to Encompassment: Discourses of Transsubjectivity in the Ghanaian Pentecostal Diaspora", Journal of Religion in Africa 26, no.
Initially appearing somewhat structureless, by the end "Boy" manages a sense of satisfying encompassment. Tech aspects are well handled.
Gutermann-Seuss, maintaining "the right felicity of silence, but with an embracing ease" that made the acquisition "enjoyable." Thereupon, they returned to the family room and "the renewed encompassment of the tribe ...
Schlegel and Hermann Ulrici in the nineteenth century and reiterated by Tillyard in the twentieth, McAlindon is interested in recovering "the fascinating nature of the play's construction, its unique encompassment in what seems like a single world and a unified work" (23-24).
White insists on the encompassment of history--of any knowledge of the past--by language: 'Every verbal proposition about a particular thing existing in an absolute past ...