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encompass (someone or something) in (something)

To include or contain someone or something in something. Do you plan to encompass current residents in this rate hike?
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encompass someone or something (with)in something

to surround or include someone or something within the domain or span of something. We encompassed the group within our administrative area. They could not encompass our neighborhood in the new school district.
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The new category encompasses each of the five components defined in the COSO report and thus includes assessing the risk of unauthorized asset activities, comparing existing assets with recorded amounts and making available to management information it needs to carry out its responsibilities for preventing or detecting such unauthorized activities.
"Moderately ill" encompasses the clinical range from elective plastic surgery to minimally justifying admission by PRO, HMO, or other third-party criteria.
At the opposite end of this spectrum are cases in which it was determined that the term "use" automatically encompasses the concept of distribution, even if that term is not included in the statute.
* If a registrant's management report extends beyond accounting controls and encompasses management and operating controls, should the auditor give an opinion on the effectiveness of these controls?
The space encompasses approximately 1,226 s/f for store number one in the concourse and approximately 1,004 s/f for store number two in the concourse.
The 22-story building encompasses 327,650 s/f and the 5-story building currently encompasses 15,000 s/f, but is zoned for up to 50,000 s/f..
The proposal encompasses approximately 184 blocks, including a two-mile stretch of Brooklyn's East River water front and adjoining neighborhoods.
The District, which runs along the waterfront from the New Jersey Conrail lines and Lewis Street on the south, to Long Ferry Road and Harbortown Boulevard on the north, encompasses several important landmarks including the 1904 Tottenville Ferry Slip, the Municipal Marina, the 1880 Raritan Yacht Club headquarters, and one of the city's oldest structures, the 1780 Kearny Cottage.
Alluding to the spirit of Paris, the project also encompasses two other outdoor public areas and a marketplace area for local food merchants.
Designed by project planner Clarke Caton Hintz/Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects a joint venture (CCH/EE&K), one of America's leading urban architecture and design firms, Oceanfront Asbury encompasses residential, retail and entertainment components, as well as municipal services.