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enclose (someone or something) (with)in (something)

To put something around someone or something to hold or restrain it. My mother enclosed my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. If you let the dogs go outside alone, make sure to enclose them within the fenced part of the yard.
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enclosed please find (something)

A message included in a letter or package to tell the recipient what they should find inside. Enclosed please find the personnel files for your new employees.
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enclose someone or something (with)in something

to contain someone, something, or some space inside of something. The police enclosed the people in a safe area while the accident was being cleaned up. The farmer enclosed the pig within a new pen.
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enclosed please find...

Formal business writing for “it's in this envelope.” Until the middle of the 20th century, businesses corresponded in formal—some would say stilted—language. “Enclosed please find” was one phrase that, although still used by some law firms and insurance companies, is well on its way to join such archaisms as “in hand,” ult. for “ultimo” (meaning “last month” as in “I have your letter of the 15th ult. in hand . . .”), inst. for “instant” or this month, and prox. for “proximo” or next month. Perhaps e-mail abbreviations like LOL, IOW, and TTFN will someday be considered just as quaint.
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The Enclosed team found thongs to be the overwhelming favorite knicker style across almost all states.
"That is the most dangerous part of the facility and it needs to be fully enclosed and not partially enclosed," said Victor Valladares, an Oak View resident and co-founder of the Oak View Comunidad Facebook group.
"Enclosed cockpits aren't easy technically for us to integrate into a Formula One car and of course they change the very nature of what an F1 car looks like.
Efforts to improve the printing performance of enclosed media resulted in a change in the way that the paste in the paste chamber is pressurized.
Under the Health Act smoking of tobacco and other substances in enclosed and substantially enclosed premises is prohibited and the restaurant had been previously warned about the smoking area.
Elliot has been involved in the leasing and redevelopment of enclosed malls totaling over 32 million square feet in seven states.
Premises are enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof and windows or passageways, and substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls which is less than half of the total wall area.
"Premises will be considered substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls which is less than half the total of the area of the walls.
Initially, enclosed print heads were thought to be the solution to all printing process issues.
The enclosed facility also is highly automated, with cameras at various locations in the plant.
The Prestige Slim-Line series of modular control-room consoles from Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation are available with fully enclosed back panels for a finished look.
An attractive design feature in many multi-floor buildings is the harmonious blending of open or enclosed elevator lobbies with the main lobby, workspaces, reception areas, or as appendages to atriums.
This month, Yinhan Gong and colleagues at the National University of Singapore report that enclosed marine waters near industrial areas can contain high concentrations of EDCs [EHP 111:1448-1453].
The piazza is enclosed by an angular wall covered in soft green moss that will gradually flourish, a reminder of the slow beauty of organic life in the midst of artifice.
Pannevis offers both Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters and an enclosed Vertical Tower Press for the phamaceutical industry.