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enclose (someone or something) (with)in (something)

To put something around someone or something to hold or restrain it. My mother enclosed my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. If you let the dogs go outside alone, make sure to enclose them within the fenced part of the yard.
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enclosed please find (something)

A message included in a letter or package to tell the recipient what they should find inside. Enclosed please find the personnel files for your new employees.
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enclose someone or something (with)in something

to contain someone, something, or some space inside of something. The police enclosed the people in a safe area while the accident was being cleaned up. The farmer enclosed the pig within a new pen.
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enclosed please find...

Formal business writing for “it's in this envelope.” Until the middle of the 20th century, businesses corresponded in formal—some would say stilted—language. “Enclosed please find” was one phrase that, although still used by some law firms and insurance companies, is well on its way to join such archaisms as “in hand,” ult. for “ultimo” (meaning “last month” as in “I have your letter of the 15th ult. in hand . . .”), inst. for “instant” or this month, and prox. for “proximo” or next month. Perhaps e-mail abbreviations like LOL, IOW, and TTFN will someday be considered just as quaint.
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DiCapua advises to observe it, inspect it, and if it does become friable, encapsulate it, enclose it or remove it.
The blocks enclose and define an irregularly-shaped central garden space.
Inspired by nature but brought into being by technology, the quest to enclose the greatest area with the maximum structural efficiency has reached new heights of spatial and tectonic drama.
At the north end, a small service block wraps around a walled garden courtyard to enclose the largest Mesquite tree.
Materials have a functional, maritime rigour - the steel structure is partnered with a hardwood deck and handrails, and perforated stainless-steel cladding panels enclose the stair and lift towers.
Another warped glass canopy, smaller cousin to the main roof, encloses these spaces allowing light to percolate down to the lower levels.
A dramatic and lively contribution to the city of Llubljana on one side encloses new concepts of semi-private space, and creates a new square.