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distance lends enchantment (to the view)

When one is removed from something, it becomes deceptively appealing. But you hated that rickety old house when we lived there! Remember that distance lends enchantment to the view.

Distance lends enchantment (to the view).

Prov. Things that are far away from you appear better than they really are. Jill: High school was the happiest time of my life. Jane: But that was fifteen years ago. I think distance lends enchantment to the view.
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Caption: The University of Arkansas named the new grape varieties Enchantment (above left) and Opportunity (above right).
More than 50 natureinspired costumes were created for the Forest of Enchantment, handmade by 40 dress makers in Disneyland Paris' costuming workshop.
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I follow Curry in using Tolkien's own words to define enchantment (although Tolkien did not specifically use the word "enchantment" at this moment): "the primal desire at the heart of Faerie [is] the realization, independent of the conceiving mind, of imagined wonder" ("On Fairy-Stories" 35) Related to this is Tolkien's definition of "recovery," by which he meant "We should meet the centaur and the dragon, and then perhaps suddenly behold, like the ancient shepherds, sheep and dogs, and horses--and wolves [.
Against any border guards, Ross says enchantment is uncontainable, while "disenchantments take place hegemonically and insidiously in the midst of what they cannot contain" (74).
Anthropologist Mohr refutes German sociologist Max Weber's (1864-1920) claim that capitalism would bring a diminution in religious enchantment (believing in spirits, demons, and sorcerers) to the population using the ethnographic and historical data he collected in the US and Ghana.
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Colleen Browning: The Enchantment of Realism is a recommendation for any serious arts collection and provides the first monograph on one of the few women Realist painters who painted Manhattan and Harlem urban scenes.
Enchantment can occur in villages, stores, dealerships, offices, boardrooms, and on the Internet.
From the heroic exploits of Cuchulain, to fables about the Kingdom of the Dwarves, Tales of Irish Enchantment is filled with wonder from cover to cover.
It is my belief that the failure to integrate a sense of enchantment into our work, and the resistance of the green movement to express emotion and personal stories have led to greater marginalization.
ON THE PREMISE that "beautiful dreams need enchanting linens," Traditions by Pamela Kline will introduce the Enchantment bed ensemble during this week's gift fair.
At the Swiss Institute, Peinado's Manichaean reductions often seemed facile, sometimes appropriating slick, seductive advertising strategies rather too well, and creating an aura of spectacle and enchantment that tended to reinforce material desire rather than challenge the capitalist status quo.