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enchant with (something)

1. To cast a spell on someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The evil witch enchanted all of the forest animals with magic and put them to sleep.
2. To capture and hold one's attention by a particular means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The baby is totally enchanted with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enchant you with her latest tale.
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enchant someone with something

1. . Lit. to bewitch someone or something with a magic spell. The children were enchanted with a spell that made them forget.
2. Fig. to fascinate someone with some object. She enchanted the children with the little drawings she made of them. We were enchanted with her drawings.
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With its proprietary technology platform, mastery of unique tailor-made travel experiences and an exceptional guest satisfaction rate of 98%, Enchanting Travels is poised for rapid growth in its key source markets of Germany, North America and Australia.
Ross, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture and Comparative Literature (SUNY-Binghamton), recognizing his scholarly-academic heresies, says he is "an academic philosopher who would be enchanting," and "an academic philosopher who believes that academic philosophy is disenchanting" (301), even toxic.
Coral: 6-5 Percolator, 5-2 Enchanting Muse, 11-2 Senor Mirasol, 7 Lui Rei, 9 Higha, 33 Caparroso, 50 Kenz
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Love fills the air anew with 'Enchanting Dinner in the Sky', EK's unique spin on a romantic dinner date high above the Santa Rosa skyline.
Follow an enchanting garden trail, stumbling upon bookcases, old armchairs, dolls houses and a croquet lawn tea party as you go.
Soprano Sophie Bevan is an enchanting Vixen, suitably mischievous with a captivating voice.
Saltwell Park in Gateshead, has once again changed under the cover of darkness to create an enchanting experience for families.
Families, shoppers and school children will be treated to a festive delight, with several enchanting seasonal scenes situated around the centre ncluding the beautiful Polar Bear Island, as well as the much anticipated Grotto itself, which remains open until Christmas Eve.
A sweeping, emotional saga of how only the enchanting power of love's passion can save not only individual people, but also entire nations.
A BIRMINGHAM cinema is giving film fans a chance to see an enchanting movie before it opens AND help children have a happier Christmas.
ENCHANTING and entrancing...Enchanted is a magical delight.***
Enchanting Hero and Plum Picker were quickly away but Maldini moved inwards, bumped Hondo Dubh and stumbled, leaving him at the back of the field.
Little Voice (Miramax: 1998) There are echoes of Rain Man in this poignant and darkly enchanting Cinderella tale of a terminally shy girl living in the shadow of her blustering, oversexed mother.
TYNESIDE residents could be in for an enchanting evening this weekend.