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enchant with (something)

1. To cast a spell on someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The evil witch enchanted all of the forest animals with magic and put them to sleep.
2. To capture and hold one's attention by a particular means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The baby is totally enchanted with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enchant you with her latest tale.
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enchant someone with something

1. . Lit. to bewitch someone or something with a magic spell. The children were enchanted with a spell that made them forget.
2. Fig. to fascinate someone with some object. She enchanted the children with the little drawings she made of them. We were enchanted with her drawings.
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Another added: "What a total disappointment, a few coloured fairy lights doesn't really make an Enchanted Castle as promised.
an of from toasted and spot of Christmas make an Enchanted was tonight reviews to "lovely foggy"I took my whole family to this event as a Christmas treat and there was not even a decorated tree in sight.
Enchanted Belsay Hall features different lighting installations across the whole estate Simon Greener
Almost 30,000 people will have the opportunity to visit Enchanted Parks this year to experience the newly-created art installations, performances, lighting and sculpture in and around Saltwell Park.
A discussion of how Christianity can contribute to modern development would benefit from a more refined historical and contextualized analysis of this enchanted religious imagination.
On the children's pillows were copies of The Enchanted Village, a new book which has been specially commissioned by Alton Towers.
Live the fairytale in the Enchanted Village at Alton Towers, or join one of your favourite characters in CBEEBIEs Land
Here children can meet Alton Towers' Little Fable Folk, magical creatures who live in the trees of the Enchanted Village.
Defined by GK Enchanted Farm CafAaAaAeA@ as the best tea ever, Bayani Br is one of the restaurants' top social enterprises.
NRJ - Dugmanon - Enchanted River - Baculin Road Leading to Enchanted River, Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, Sta.
My Enchanted Garden: Applique Quilts in Cotton and Wool gathers an enchanting collection of lovely designs featuring "My Enchanted Garden", the winner for the "Best use of Embellish" in the 2009 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, and teaches quilters how to stitch both the main quilt and the eight stand-alone projects.
Dubai hotel group JA Resorts & Hotels is set to open its first international property, the Enchanted Island Resort in the Seychelles, on August 1, 2013.
Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest" is a lushly illustrated children's tale about a curious and daring Spanish princess who decides to explore a mysterious dark forest alone.
Enchanted Glass is yet another superb fantasy novel from Diana Wynne Jones, who has been writing fantasy novels and novels about magic since the early seventies and is a pillar of late twentieth-century children's literature.
2 : to please greatly : delight <The story enchanted us.