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encase (something) in (something)

To place something in something else, often for protection. My mother encased my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. Be sure to encase the glassware in bubble wrap before putting it into the box.
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encase someone or something in something

to contain someone or something in something. We encased her broken leg in a splint and raced to the hospital. Sammy encased the butterfly in a glass display box.
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In 1983, Allergy Control Products introduced the first pillow and mattress encasings with an allergen-impermeable barrier to block dust mite allergen while allowing vapor permeability for enhanced comfort.
The newly combined Planet will distribute and sell a full range of physician recommended allergy avoidance products including home air filters and room air cleaners marketed under the Allergy-Free(R) trade name, bedding and encasings marketed under the Allergy Control(R) trade name and a broad array of additional branded allergy and asthma products.