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encase (something) in (something)

To place something in something else, often for protection. My mother encased my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. Be sure to encase the glassware in bubble wrap before putting it into the box.
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encase someone or something in something

to contain someone or something in something. We encased her broken leg in a splint and raced to the hospital. Sammy encased the butterfly in a glass display box.
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says her company purchases the encasements from Protect-A-Bed, a Northbrook, Ill, supplier that Cowart discovered at the 2009 NAA Education Conference & Exposition.
Vent pipe must be connected to the plastic encasement by means of a fusion saddle connection or a bolt on saddle connection.
Plants subjected to the snow-cover treatment maintained cold hardiness for the longest period of time, while ice encasement produced the most rapid loss of cold hardiness.
After treatment, the parchment documents were allowed to stabilize in a controlled environment that closely matched the interior environment within their new encasements.
Each encasement bottom was cut from a rectangular billet of aluminum weighing around 605 pounds about 274 kilograms , said N.
The mattress encasement and pillow protector come with a fluid repelling surface, which provides an impenetrable barrier to dust, pet hairs, mild stains, bacteria, and moisture.
If the image is authentic then the new iPhone will have a 4 inch display but within the same encasement, made possible by a technology that extends display over to the edges of the phone.
The line is designed with reinforced fabric and seams and a micro-zipper technology intended to provide a secure encasement and protection from bed bugs.
We were trying to decide whether to start jackhammering to get under the concrete encasement.
When a back injury causes the spongy cushion between two vertebrae to protrude from its encasement, spinal nerves may feel the pinch.
Tenders are invited for work includes clearing and grubbing lump sum; trench foundation 25 ton; special pipe embedment or encasement (p.
Pulling pressures on TRS-125 maxed out at 125 tons several times due to the large amount of concrete encasement on this line.
Trumping even Stewart's performance is the seductive sleight-of-hand between Brent Spiner's android Data and the Borg Queen, played under an eerie encasement of latex and leather by a gleefully perverse Alice Krige.