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encase (something) in (something)

To place something in something else, often for protection. My mother encased my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. Be sure to encase the glassware in bubble wrap before putting it into the box.
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encase someone or something in something

to contain someone or something in something. We encased her broken leg in a splint and raced to the hospital. Sammy encased the butterfly in a glass display box.
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The presentation reported here is unusual in that there was encasement of the terminal ileum within a sac, and this itself, along with rest of the small bowel, stomach and ascending colon was encased within a larger sac.
As we retraced the steps of a radiographer performing a portable grid exam, we discovered the following problem: If the encased grid was left behind the tubestand when the tubestand was rotated, pressure was applied to the face of the grid.
(8,11,14,17) The giant siaolith (3 cm) in this patient was completely encased in the glandular substance.
His latest stunt will involve being encased in a perspex box and suspended under Tower Bridge.
The bones were almost perfectly encased within a bed of Speeton clay.
Mazier, who oversees the care of 886 saguaros at the Garden, recommended the so-called "box technique," in which a tree's roots and soil are encased in a box that features eight vertical support beams.
Choose from delicious fragrances such as strawberry, citrus sherbet, and sandalwood, or choose the aesthetic delight of a rubber ducky (or frog, or pig, or whale) encased in your soap.
Four years after Heinlein's book came out, Marvel Comics introduced the character Iron Man, a rich industrialist encased in a homemade iron exoskeleton that enables him to lift tons at a time, fire deadly radiation beams, and even fly.
The new additions are nothing more than fatty cheese (mozzarella for the Mozzarella Sticks and cheddar for the Jalapeno Poppers) encased in a deep-fried coating.
Encased in a rugged cast aluminum housing, the product provides industrial durability in a lightweight package the size of a pair of binoculars.
Business partners Yanyan Li and Charisse Peng are the duo behind Fleur de Ean, an online flower shop which sells arranged preserved flowers encased in unusual containers such as photo frames and glass domes that double as bluetooth speakers.
This would not happen if the steel was encased in concrete.
The spoils of that war, the Magna Carta and the Louisiana Purchase, are still encased in Fort Knox as we speak.
The single-storey house is anchored at one end by a quirkily faceted tower, formed from a timber frame encased in plywood which contains the dining room and a tornado shelter below and the master bedroom above.