encase in

encase (something) in (something)

To place something in something else, often for protection. My mother encased my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. Be sure to encase the glassware in bubble wrap before putting it into the box.
See also: encase

encase someone or something in something

to contain someone or something in something. We encased her broken leg in a splint and raced to the hospital. Sammy encased the butterfly in a glass display box.
See also: encase
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The specific issues relating to EnCase in Bhownath centered on Fourth Amendment concerns under the United States Constitution regarding whether the issued search warrant was rendered overbroad by virtue of utilizing EnCase's powerful keyword searching capabilities, which enabled the investigator to search every file on the seized computer in an automated fashion, as opposed to manually opening specific documents with file names suggestive of software piracy.
CoreFacts had great success using EnCase in its computer forensics investigation on behalf of the Four Seasons hotel management company.