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enamored of (someone or something)

Infatuated or in love with someone or something. April won't stop talking about her new boyfriend—she's totally enamored of him. Tommy is enamored of baseball right now, so just get him a bat for his birthday.
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*enamored of someone or something

to feel love for someone or something. (Often an exaggeration. *Typically: be ~; become ~.) She is hopelessly enamored of Tom. Tom is enamored of chocolate ice cream.
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Perhaps the CEO and the board have become enamored of some program or product line whose cost structure just doesn't make sense.
Although the company Iverson built was always confident and tenacious in its ability to take on competitors, Iverson also made sure Nucor's management never became enamored of the trappings of overwhelming perks and bonuses.
Leiss does not long speculate on what lies behind so much of this corporate and government denial and secrecy, except that these elites seem so enamored with their own expertise, that their perception of the rest of us is less than kind.
President Bush also seems inexplicably enamored with the World Bank, a UN institution notorious for its corruption and financial debacles.
That we as consumers of wireless devices have become somewhat enamored of the bells and whistles is to be expected.
Sneed, Home Box Office's vice president and assistant controller for worldwide accounting, became enamored of diving about five years ago.
However, it is Microsoft's burden to demonstrate this effectively to the corporate computing market and the installed base of managers who are increasingly enamored of the Linux, the free version of Unix that has begun to penetrate the corporate environment.
Not enamored over dated promises, And not drooling or panting at the prospect Of being thought of as sensitive or sane.
In fact, darkness descending was an image that conference organizers seemed especially enamored of; participants sang a song to Sophia (identified as the spirit of wisdom) which included the lines, "A deep dark presence liberating me.
Apparently the king was so enamored by them that he put off his conquest of Greece for a few days.
There the goddess Aphrodite met him and, enamored of his beauty, bore him Aeneas.
So enamored of the latest gimmickry is Perry that the vanity license plates on his Mercedes used to read "Hi-Tech," according to The Washington Post.
I don't know if this is generally true-but I have found through observation and experience that sometimes communication departments are too passive and are too enamored of the external media.