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enamored of (someone or something)

Infatuated or in love with someone or something. April won't stop talking about her new boyfriend—she's totally enamored of him. Tommy is enamored of baseball right now, so just get him a bat for his birthday.
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*enamored of someone or something

to feel love for someone or something. (Often an exaggeration. *Typically: be ~; become ~.) She is hopelessly enamored of Tom. Tom is enamored of chocolate ice cream.
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But for others, Wie's enamored view of the PGA plays into cultural biases in sports, reflecting a greater focus on men's sports in American society.
He grew up in Iowa, an adventurous kid enamored with elaborate technical projects; when others were building model airplanes, he was constructing a glider that carried him aloft from a neighbor's barn.
Others less enamored by the urban landscape nevertheless saw city expansion as inevitable, and sought therefore to make the best of the situation.
They seem to be enamored with the idea of getting more money for development.
While the Wall Street types seem preoccupied with the IPO of the company behind the Google search engine, many engineers are becoming enamored of a different Web-search system called GlobalSpec (Troy, N.Y.).
or even the magnitude of the four syllables of the word "repetition." For as the many years passed, I would become enamored with another destructive force of maple: the skateboard.
Since he had become so enamored with saving, he dedicated himself to DOFE Principle No.
Too often, inexperienced entrepreneurs are so enamored with their product or service that they fail to prepare for challengers.
Of course, the Jesuits were not always enamored of this or other artistic media.
That is the founding tenet of zapovedniks." Williams became enamored with zapovedniks after volunteering in two Russian reserves and went on to establish a center to support exchanges between Russian and American wilderness managers.
Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) is the prince-like congressman who mistakes Lopez for one of his hotel's wealthy guests and soon finds himself enamored of her charms, engrossed by her politics, and enchanted by her precocious son (Tyler Posey).
Henry probably was less than enamored with history because he saw it too often as an excuse for why something couldn't be done.
LEONARDO DA VINCI IS said to have been so enamored of his portrait Mona Lisa that he carried it everywhere with him on his travels.
And the board is so enamored with Wartgow, it extended an open-ended contract with an additional 10 vacation days.