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pray to the porcelain god

Sl. to kneel at the toilet bowl and vomit from drunkenness. Wally spent a while praying to the porcelain god last night. I think I have to go pray to the porcelain god.
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pray to the porcelain god

and pray to the enamel god
in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Refers to being on one’s knees [praying] in front of a porcelain toilet bowl.) Wayne was in the john, praying to the enamel god.
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pray to the enamel god

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Compared with the transparent famille verte enamels of the previous period, this new opaque palette could be fired at a lower temperature and had a wider colour range.
Japan was manufacturing overglaze enamels on their porcelains, and by the 16th century, their highly prized Imari ware from Arita was mass-produced.
In this method, ne silver wires are soldered onto the body of the vessel to form cells which are then ooded with coloured enamels.
The Japanese enamels in this exhibition are from the Victoria and Albert Museum and will be shown with objects from Durham University's collections to present a complete picture of one of Japan's most exquisite art forms.
More recently enamels have found their way into concrete making by reducing corrosion of steel reinforcement and increase cement to steel bonding [Hock et al.
The enamel work of China, Japan, Islam and Europe are examined in terms of local development and the assimilation of foreign influence.
It was a logical next step, then, for the manufacturers of such artefacts to steal a march on their competitors by decorating them, and so they turned to enamels.
Enamel coatings make cast iron cookware highly chip resistant and also keep it from discoloring.
Materials: lead-free enamels, copper tubing, propane
These factors include a solution allowing ALTANA to take over the wire enamels business in Germany.
The sheet is pierced or cut using fine art speciality tools to create the pattern into which paste enamels will be applied.
The rose pink you can see on the vase shown below was only introduced around 1720, earlier so-called 'Ming pink' being made up of red and white enamel mixed together.
Advanced Industrial Coatings are available in both an acrylic enamel and acrylic urethane system.
Excluding the items supplied by the Czech Frolich Manufacturer, whose frits started to be imported by Lenci in the second half of the 1930s, after Elena Konig Scavini (7) personally supervised nearly 210 trials, most of the enamels came from English producers in Staffordshire, a district that had been developing under the Wedgwood aegis, namely Blythe Colours Works from Creswell, Stoke on Trent, C.
Another earlier master was Petitot, who eventually came to London from Paris around 1637 and introduced the science of miniature painting in enamels to English artists.