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pray to the porcelain god

Sl. to kneel at the toilet bowl and vomit from drunkenness. Wally spent a while praying to the porcelain god last night. I think I have to go pray to the porcelain god.
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pray to the porcelain god

and pray to the enamel god
in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Refers to being on one’s knees [praying] in front of a porcelain toilet bowl.) Wayne was in the john, praying to the enamel god.
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pray to the enamel god

See also: enamel, god, pray
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Different kinetic models were fitted to experimental data considering the extent of reaction (x) to be the ratio between the weight loss per unit area and the weight of the enameled steel sheet per unit area (1.
Enameled cast iron cookware featuring a matte black enameled interior cooking surface creates an ideal basis for browning and caramelizing ingredients, a key step in creating rich, deeply flavorful braises, stews, and roasts.
Most enameled east iron pots are well suited for oven use where heat penetrates the pot from all directions.
Enameled east iron cookware is thick and heavy and therefore, heats up slowly.
Enameled cast iron provides all the benefits of cast iron but requires no seasoning and maintenance and renders easier cleanup.
Enameled cast iron cookware protects ingredients from reacting with metal, so it can be used to simmer acidic foods like tomato sauce.
Most enameled cast iron pots are well suited for oven use.
The trend toward ethnic cuisine is also helping to build sales with enameled cast iron specialty pieces.
Most consumers think to use enameled cast iron only in the winter, but it is great for summer cooking as well.
Since this is a mature category, introducing customers to new and exciting colors, performances, and designs will help generate interest in enameled cast iron cookware.
Mount the color wheel above a display showcasing the range of enameled cast iron cookware you carry.