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pray to the porcelain god

Sl. to kneel at the toilet bowl and vomit from drunkenness. Wally spent a while praying to the porcelain god last night. I think I have to go pray to the porcelain god.
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pray to the porcelain god

and pray to the enamel god
in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Refers to being on one’s knees [praying] in front of a porcelain toilet bowl.) Wayne was in the john, praying to the enamel god.
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pray to the enamel god

See also: enamel, god, pray
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When you lose enamel, teeth get sensitive and darker in color because you're close to the part of the tooth that has the depth of the color,' Maples said.
The past two decades have seen rapid progress to improve dental composite material, adhesive bonding systems and technologies as well as simplifying the clinical application to dentin and enamel.
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH), Enamel hypomineralization, Tooth abnormalities, Aetiol- ogy, Diagnosis, Clinical management
The thickness of human dental enamel varies at different surfaces of tooth.
He sent potter Goto Saijiro Tadakiyo to Imari to master the secrets of the new blue, white and red overglaze enamel porcelains.
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Each tooth print generated by the software was composed of series of lines representing arrangement of enamel rod ends on surface of tooth.
e brilliant blue translu cent enamel covers an engine-turned ground in a e brilliant blue translu cent enamel covers an engine-turned ground in a technique known as guilloche.
Many of the enamel pieces on display were given to the V&A by Edwin Davies CBE, a Durham University graduate.
In the initial phase (erosion), enamel softening occurs without surface loss.
New from Premier[R] Dental Products Company is Rasp-berryMint Enamel Pro[R] Prophy Paste.
Chemical resistance in service is a major consideration in the chemical industry that should lead to a proper formulation of the enamel recipe.
Cheek teeth of 343 white-tailed deer mandibles collected from the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, central Georgia, were examined for the presence of enamel hypoplasia, a permanent enamel defect associated with episodes of severe physiological stress.
It occurs when the hard outer enamel layer on teeth and the softer underlying dentin wear away, stimulating the nerves inside.