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enable (one) to (do something)

To allow one to do something. My boss's absence enabled me to establish myself as a key figure in our department.
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enable someone to do something

to make it possible for someone to do something. This money will enable me to open my own business. My uncle enabled me to open my own candy shop.
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The latter will enable the customer to consolidate multiple redundant individual licenses into single agency-wide licenses, thereby significantly reducing expenditures for those licenses; to significantly reduce problem resolution time and error rates experienced by desk top support; and to renegotiate, consolidate, and significantly lower the cost all of service-level agreements.
Enterprise developers, system integrators and independent software vendors can now use Reactivity's secure SDK to allow custom access control systems to be used with the Reactivity Gateways for policy enforcement and to enable the Gateways to perform custom data transformations to simplify the integration of non-XML or legacy applications.
Fujitsu's new technology enables prolonged high-quality video recording using H.264 with battery-operated digital video devices.
With a working society that is ever increasingly dependent on e-mail and the transmission of huge volumes of data and text to execute their daily duties, the need to enable viewing of such data on mobile terminals at locations outside of the office is on the rise.
This expander hardware enables highly flexible storage topologies of up to 16,256 mixed SAS and SATA drives.
announced recently a cost-effective joint solution that allows storage administrators to use SANRAD's iSCSI V-Switch in conjunction with emBoot's netBoot/i software to enable servers to boot off the IP SAN using any standard Ethernet network interface, eliminating the need for internal server disk drives.
Before you invest big bucks in the thin client technology that enables your IT department to slim down its offerings, perhaps you should weigh some of the advantages and disadvantages.
* Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)/XML Protocol (W3C XML Protocol Working Group, 2003), which enables structured message exchange between computer programs.
Beyond that, an adaptive supply chain enables a company to become an adaptive enterprise, in which a company's key processes - and its technology - are capable of gauging and responding quickly to changes in the business environment, consider the best options to use capital, and grow ahead of its competitors.
An automatic abstract and summary tool, however, will enable users to scan a document summary quickly to determine whether the record presented to them is what they are looking for.
In addition, the formulation database within the program also manages rubber mixing instructions and enables users to do conversions of unit measurements from lbs.
Tokyo, Japan, July 15, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701; NASDAQ: NIPNY) announced that it has succeeded in the development of a mobile router that enables seamless broadband communication from high-speed mobile vehicles such as train and cars through the employment of wireless LAN and a 3G (mobile phone) network.
With Intransa's StorControl software running on HCL Global Line servers the agreement enables HCL Infosystems to deliver true, top-of-the-line IP SAN systems "powered by Intransa."
There is a technology available today called "continuous data protection" (CDP) that enables this and it can provide an excellent technology foundation to a recovery-oriented solution.
Whitehill xml-Transport software enables companies to extract, convert, render and deliver structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, including print streams, databases and flat files.