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enable (someone) to (do something)

To allow someone to do something. My boss's absence enabled me to establish myself as a key figure in our department.
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enable someone to do something

to make it possible for someone to do something. This money will enable me to open my own business. My uncle enabled me to open my own candy shop.
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Additional features and benefits for OMA enablers in the areas of location services, enhanced messaging and rich communications
Key Words: Construction, Growth, Enablers, Drivers, Dependency
Team Enabler provides desired effects across all lines of operation that would otherwise be extremely challenging for maneuver commanders alone.
Authoritative direction (such as from the Joint Staff) and JFCOM support are the first key enablers in adopting joint.
Commenting on this Braham Shnider, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Channel Enablers said, “Channel Success Essentials establishes the common language, process and understanding essential for partnering success and a public workshop format will allow participants to gauge ideas and solutions from both an industry and demographic standpoint.
OMA Enabler Releases are developed by almost 400 OMA member companies worldwide and the open specifications of the releases allow new interoperable data services to be deployed globally across operators, networks and terminals.
Anjaneyullu further adds, "This is why Enterprise Enabler, by eliminating all coding against back end systems has completely changed the rules of integration.
Stone Bond Technologies is also pleased to announce that in conjunction with Microsoft Tech-Ed North America 2010, the Enterprise Enabler Developer's Tool Kit download will be made available free of charge on the company's website," commented Tom Sieger, VP of Business Development at Stone Bond Technologies.
Using a friendly, dashboard-style display, Vertical Enabler offers vetted "breaking news" information about compliance, security, and risk management in five key industries: Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Sector and Retail.
This is the third in a series of reports examining the potential and risk of the smart enabler role.
This is the second in a series of reports examining the role of smart enabler.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Enfora, a leading global supplier of intelligent wireless networking solutions, today announced that Nitax, a Spanish manufacturer of automatic taxi dispatch systems, has selected Enfora's Enabler III embedded wireless platform for use in Nitax's fleet management system in Spain.
The Enabler E5 sets a new benchmark in profile control, enabling customers to manufacture high performance, robust, next-generation memory devices with >80% bottom-to-top CD ratios across the wafer, and with less than 3nm bowing of the contact sidewall.
Enfora's Enabler series of intelligent embedded platforms provides support for multiple access protocols and includes GSM/GPRS/EDGE quad band solutions that are GCF/PTCRB certified.