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enable (one) to (do something)

To allow one to do something. My boss's absence enabled me to establish myself as a key figure in our department.
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enable someone to do something

to make it possible for someone to do something. This money will enable me to open my own business. My uncle enabled me to open my own candy shop.
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Additional features and benefits for OMA enablers in the areas of location services, enhanced messaging and rich communications
As growth is a necessity for the Indian construction industry, an attempt is made in this study to review related literature and key findings of research carried out in the field of growth strategy and thereafter to identify the important enablers of growth.
Rehearsals were crucial for the warfighters and the enablers. In the case of the Task Force 1-23d Infantry Tomahawks, the earlier September CBRNE situational training exercise train-up with the CRTs proved invaluable.
Enter e-commerce enablers - from providing free domain names to making your products easily discoverable on the World Wide Web, their services mean (good) business.
The RLAH enabler solution is an extension of Mobileums proven solution for compliance with EU Regulation III Single IMSI enabler, which has already been deployed by CSPs across the EU.
The Renesas S7G2 IoT Enabler integrates all of the elements necessary for quick and efficient IoT deployment, including:
Moreover, the IoT Service Enabler automatically manages and controls network resources based on analyzed information and the network performance required for each IoT service.
In his keynote speech, Al Hamli presented an insightful thesis about the vision of the Government of Dubai in terms of the preferable role of the state as a growth enabler.
Abu Dhabi Ports is a major enabler of development and trade in Abu Dhabi, supporting import and export activities, attracting a growing number of customers who make use of the numerous business advantages offered by the emirate's ports.
Is an enabler going to offer some path breaking solution exclusively to you?
How is the importance of each effective enabler on performance evaluation of banks from experts' point of view?
Housing association Grwp Cynefin, Gwynedd Council, the Gwynedd Rural Housing Enabler and Harlech Community Council have collaborated to develop the project, which will help address a need for affordable housing in the Harlech area.
FORMER U2 manager Paul McGuinness has branded Google "the greatest theft enabler on the internet".
The first one is a newly introduced service enabler called MUSE Enabler, which decouples services and the infrastructure in service ability layer.