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enable (one) to (do something)

To allow one to do something. My boss's absence enabled me to establish myself as a key figure in our department.
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enable someone to do something

to make it possible for someone to do something. This money will enable me to open my own business. My uncle enabled me to open my own candy shop.
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Enterprise architecture enables the transformation of organizations into efficient users of capital, be it human/intellectual, organizational, or technical.
This common capability enables maximum system performance between SAS and PCI Express.
'Our software products, such as Enable Content Fusion and Enable Document Fusion, are fast gaining a high reputation.
* Rights metadata--new emerging standards such as MPEG-21 and XrML are designed to enable automated copyright management and services.
Senior Citizens' Association of Peterborough: to enable the centre to organize activities and events for the growing number of area seniors who participate in its programs.
A key tool in building the integrated NVC is the NVC index, which enables companies to assess their supply chain capabilities, comparing its current practices to best practices.
Spiral development techniques either in-house or contracted out, enable companies and organizations to design a little, test, then refine their requirements.
In addition, the formulation database within the program also manages rubber mixing instructions and enables users to do conversions of unit measurements from lbs.
Walter Bruce, who wrote one of the previous Enable spreadsheet chapters, has definitely improved upon the prior Using Enable manual by reorganizing and simplifying the material presented, providing more tips - clearly set out - and improving the screen illustrations.
Tokyo, Japan, July 15, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701; NASDAQ: NIPNY) announced that it has succeeded in the development of a mobile router that enables seamless broadband communication from high-speed mobile vehicles such as train and cars through the employment of wireless LAN and a 3G (mobile phone) network.
"Intransa's software technology is a perfect compliment to our existing line of enterprise server solution offerings, and the HCL IP SAN system, powered by Intransa, will enable us to offer an IP-based SAN infrastructure that delivers exceptional value, simplified management and provisioning of virtualized resources to our large base of ITES, corporate and government customers."
The recovery management solution can "front end" the existing infrastructure, resolving backup window, RPO and RTO issues for near term recoveries (on the order of days), but it must also enable policy-based data staging to enterprise backup software and its associated media.
CA's comprehensive Unicenter Output Management solutions enable complete collection, distribution, printing and viewing of output reports from mainframe and distributed environments.
The devices, courtesy of Canadian wireless service provider TELUS Mobility (www.telusmobility.com), operate on short-range wireless data networks that enable the speedy dispatch of patrollers and emergency services across the two campuses.
provides new long term video surveillance capabilities that enable owners of rent-regulated apartments to develop the bona fide surveillance evidence necessary for removal of non-primary and illegal tenants.