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enable (someone) to (do something)

To allow someone to do something. My boss's absence enabled me to establish myself as a key figure in our department.
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enable someone to do something

to make it possible for someone to do something. This money will enable me to open my own business. My uncle enabled me to open my own candy shop.
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Still, I shall pass them over, merely remarking that a bountiful nature has made such provision for the happiness of all created things as enables each to rejoice in its existence, and to praise, after its fashion and kind, the divine Being to which it owes its creation.
It is just as sophisticated and elaborate as the theories which he bases upon it, since only trained habits and much practice enable a man to make the kind of observation that will be scientifically illuminating.
The new auto-discovery breakthrough, a cornerstone of Reactivity's XML Enabled Networking, enables customers to point any Reactivity XML appliance directly at application servers and/or at a new breed of service registries - including Systinet, Microsoft, Flashline and LogicLibrary - and the Reactivity XML appliance instantly discovers, provisions and protects vital application traffic.
The 451 Group believes early adopters will pay particular attention to SOA, which, together with grids, promises to enable them to develop and run application services without regard for the underlying infrastructure and to deploy (or decommission) resources without affecting the application environment.
As the first phase of this initiative, Juniper is today introducing the new Open IP Service Creation Program with immediate availability of an open application programming interface (API) to enable applications to interact intelligently with the IP network.
Shasta 5000 BSN was the first platform to provide network-based, value-added IP services such as personal firewalls and virtual private networks, and to enable service providers to offer revenue-generating services at low cost," said Oscar Rodriguez, president, Intelligent Internet, Nortel Networks.
This partnership enables all Singulus Mastering's products to utilize DiscTag components.
All leading transport equipment vendors are building systems that enable Ethernet over SONET/SDH to address trends such as Ethernet private lease line services for multi-national corporations," said Steve Perna, vice president and general manager of PMC-Sierra's Optical Networking Division.
The unique design of DeltaStor software enables the S2100-ES2 VTL to maintain up to 17.
The combination of products will enable Brooktrout and SpeechWorks customers to build and deploy speech-enabled communication solutions that blend telephone, fax, email and the Internet.
Providing a UMA-enabled softmobile service enables mobile operators to offer services comparable to alternative VoIP providers, yet with the added benefit of a single, consistent mobile experience and phone number.
ViVOwallet([R]) - ViVOwallet application runs on NFC mobile phones enabling multiple payment-related applications, managing secure data, to enable secure contactless payment transactions.
Our blog integration features will enable corporate bloggers to promote their businesses online with the full input of their teams.
Lambirth, an attorney and a member of Enable IPC's Board of Directors, said, "In 2006, our website averaged 71 visitors per day.
Deployed in some of the world's largest carrier IP networks, it is the only company that provides the scalability and functionality necessary to enable more compelling applications and competitive service offerings.