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Singh and his associates at the University of Missouri-Columbia have used this technique on 750 patients and have diagnosed gastroparesis--defined as a gastric emptying half-time of over 100 minutes-in 168.
After measuring each patient's baseline gastric emptying halftime, they administered a 10-mg IV dose of metoclopramide and measured the gastric emptying half-time again.
The initiation of Phase I studies is a significant step in the development of a mechanism-based therapeutic for the management of delayed gastric emptying," said Gordana Kosutic, M.
Contract notice: Cesspool or septic tank emptying services
Flexicon's new BFF model with multi-purpose hood allows automatic discharging from bulk bags and manual emptying from sacks, drums, and other containers.
The aim of this study was to compare the BreathID(TM) system with other conventional testing methods for measurement of Gastric Emptying Rate (GER).
In addition, Oridion is unveiling its new point-of-care Gastric Emptying Rate test, which is currently being launched in Europe and has received the European CE mark.