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It's a trend that includes a wide swath of the population, from young married couples to empty-nesters.
Marnie Bennett reports that the recent surge in condominium popularity is due, in part, to the desire of empty-nesters to downsize their homes while maintaining an active lifestyle.
So empty-nesters should be "encouraged" by a new land tax to downsize to free up space for younger generations.
5 million, six are already under contract; buyers include second-home owners and empty-nesters downsizing big suburban homes.
Alongside this, the phenomenon of 'pet parenting' has grown, whereby people, typically empty-nesters or those without children, treat their pets as if they were their own children, spending large amounts on them and seeking the best available nutrition, to match or even exceed their own dietary expectations.
Additionally, the homeowners association will provide all outdoor maintenance including snow clearing and lawn care, which appeals particularly to empty-nesters or those "on-the-go," who want to reduce the re sponsibilities of maintaining a private home while remaining near family and friends.
Empty-nesters represent per-person spending of nearly $1,300 a year, vs.
Simon Ziviani, of Direct Line, said: "Today's generation of empty-nesters view their new freedom as a time for fun and their homes as somewhere they can start to enjoy the next phase of their lives.
PARENTS celebrate their children leaving home by collectively spending pounds 543million improving their homes Six out of 10 empty-nesters said they carried out home improvement work during the past two years, while a further 19 per cent plan to do so in the near future, according to Direct Line Home Insurance.
Dawn Morrisette, a project co-ordinator for Dalron, says the condominium market is starting to flourish from a combination of snowbirds, empty-nesters and affluent professionals.
She said companies such as Giant cater to three distinct markets: young campers, empty-nesters and those who want to haul toys, such as motorcycles and ATVs.
Buyers here represent a mix of local professionals, active empty-nesters and second-home purchasers from South America," Paget said.
The breaks include two nights' dinner, bed and breakfast at the award-winning hotel and couples who can prove they're empty-nesters will be given a special 'Rediscover Yourselves' package.
And the second thing is this: it is deemed to be the right time, now, to cater for the empty-nesters precisely because time has swept them along to a new status.
Large numbers of retirees and empty-nesters are interested in low-cost, basic housing to free up their capital for spending on travel or for use as a vacation home, Wells believes.