empty out

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empty out

1. To remove all of the contents of some space or container. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "empty" and "out." I had so much junk in my car that it took me an hour to empty it out. Empty out that pot so I can wash it.
2. By extension, to cause someone to vomit, defecate, or urinate. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "empty" and "out." The Poison Control Center said that you should drink this stuff to empty yourself out. A week of the flu really emptied me out.
3. To become empty because everyone has left. The arena emptied out as soon as the concert ended.
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empty someone out

to cause someone to empty the bowels, stomach, or bladder. This medication will empty you out. This stuff could empty out an army! He fasted for two days to empty himself out.
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empty something out

to remove or pour all of the contents from something. Please empty this drawer out and clean it. She emptied out the aquarium and cleaned it well.
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empty out

1. To remove all the contents of something: I emptied out the trash barrel. The trash can is full—please empty it out.
2. To remove something from a container, leaving the container empty: I emptied the trash out of the can into a plastic bag. If you empty out all that junk from the garage, there will be some room for my bicycle.
3. To become devoid of people: The room emptied out after the mayor's speech.
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