empty nester

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empty nester

A parent whose children have moved out of the house. When our youngest goes off to college next year, we'll officially be empty nesters.
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an empty nester

An empty nester is a parent whose children have left home. I'm trying to prepare myself for becoming an empty nester when my youngest child goes to university.
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empty nester

a person whose children have grown up and left home. informal
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n. parents whose children have grown and moved out. There are a few adjustments that empty-nesters have to make.
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I remember one friend telling me his plan was to do something completely different, like leave the country so the trauma of being an empty nester would be replaced by something very, very different," she says.
Empty Nesters Love to Cook and Shop for Food The following chart shows percent of Empty Nesters who enjoy household chores.
While most empty nesters opt to stay put, 25% will buy a new home--whether it is smaller, larger, or a vacation getaway.
It will be ideal for affluent empty nesters and professionals.
The combination of a low maintenance home and a sought after location is proving attractive to empty nesters.
Empty Nesters have new needs, desires and activities as they rediscover themselves and their partners.
For the empty nesters who get involved, it gives them a chance to nurture someone a long way from home for nine months.
Within each segment, individual lifecycle stages are also specified as key determinants of consumption behavior: young singles, young married without children, young married with a child under 10, married with children between 10 and 20, working age empty nesters, retired empty nesters, and retired old singles.
While startup families in cosmopolitan centers are the biggest purchasers of such products by a wide margin, and other households with children small and big are also regular buyers, many established couples, empty nesters and senior couples are indulging their inner kids, too - and perhaps making sweet memories with grandchildren or other younger relatives as well.
The 281 moderately priced luxury condominiums appeal to a diverse group of potential buyers, including singles, young couples and empty nesters downsizing from single-family homes.
Early empty nesters have never had it so good, according to a Datamonitor report, with parents splashing out on luxuries for themselves.
We feel kind of guilty resigning like this, but we're empty nesters now, and we had to chose between another Election Day or visiting our youngest son in college on family weekend,'' Ann said.
Fefferman sees his Cherry Street location as uniquely situated for families, empty nesters, and young adults drawn to the proximity of Center City and wanting the recreation, lifestyle, and culture of the western portion of the City.
Ramen noodles may be the stereotypical staple diet of college students, but out in the real world, oriental noodles (not just ramen) trend highest overall among older bustling families, senior couples and empty nesters, with pockets of very high consumption among such groups as affluent and urban startup families, and affluent young transitionals.
Another demand on New York's housing supply is empty nesters leaving the suburbs and opting to move to the City to benefit from the diversity and services available to seniors.