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A survey by YouGov found that 60 per cent of Scots believe that long-term empty homes reduce the amount of available housing for homeless or low income families.
Empty properties, which are unoccupied and unfurnished, are initially exempt from council tax for up to six months.
Also known as dead-heads or ferry flights, empty legs are flights without passengers on board when an aircraft needs to be moved.
That works out at around one empty home for every 300 people in the city and 11 empty homes per square kilometre.
It is thought the falling number of empty homes may be due to fewer owners being offered discounts on their council tax.
A freedom of information act request to councils across Wales found that there are at least 24,307 homes across the country that have been registered with councils as empty for council tax purposes.
More than 150,000 families are on council and housing association waiting lists but experts believe there are 27,000 empty homes in Scotland.
The move is part of a bid to ensure homes in the city are used and not left lying empty - and could raise more than PS2m a year.
Ceredigion council's Thriving Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee recently agreed that bringing empty homes back into use should be a priority.
Newcastle City Council's empty homes grant offers up to PS10,000 for homes that have been empty for six months or more, and when work is complete the authority will step in to help find tenants.
To help tackle the housing crisis, Scottish Empty Homes Partnership (SEHP) have brought back into use some of the 27,000 unoccupied homes north of the Border.
This innovative concept, internationally referred to as 'empty legs', allows our passengers to make use of a private jet flight that would have returned empty to its base or to another global location," Ross Kelly, Managing Director for Middle East, PJC said.
The concept of a private jet returning to the original destination with passengers, instead of flying empty (known as 'Empty Leg'), could reduce flight costs in the GCC region by 50 to 70 per cent without compromising on comfort and exclusivity, said an industry expert.
Lisa and John never envisioned that a luncheon held 20 years ago at their local high school would grow into The Empty Bowls Project, an international grassroots effort to fight hunger.