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What colours!' And then they pointed to the empty loom, for they believed that the others could see the cloth quite well.
'It has my gracious approval.' And then he nodded pleasantly, and examined the empty loom, for he would not say that he could see nothing.
It was just the same with this gentleman as with the minister; he surveyed the looms on all sides, but could see nothing at all but the empty frames.
What glorious colors!" and at the same time they pointed to the empty frames; for they imagined that everyone else could see this exquisite piece of workmanship.
"It has my complete approbation." And he smiled most graciously, and looked closely at the empty looms; for on no account would he say that he could not see what two of the officers of his court had praised so much.
The doctor advanced to the house door--reflected--hesitated--and looked toward the empty room.
The wardrobe only contained the poor old lady's clothes; the one cupboard was open and empty. On the point of leaving the room, he went back to the washhand-stand.
David's Hall was invisible, but like strangely-hung lanterns in an empty space he saw the line of lights from the great house gleam through the obscurity.
President Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Faiz Muhammad Faizi in a statement on Friday said that a large number of empty containers and trucks were impounded in Khor Maiden border area in Afghanistan, due to slow clearing process.
Coun Jonathan Wallace, leader of the opposition, said: "There are circumstances where the authority can take control of houses that have been empty for a long time, there is an opportunity to explore that further rather then put people straight into B&Bs."
Also, it said work is being done to "to identify the most problematic longterm empty properties and bring them back into use".
And what's more, the empty homes are worth more than PS97 million.
The number of long-term empty private homes in Newport has risen by 16 per cent since 2010, and across Wales by 24 per cent over the same period.
The number of long-term empty private homes in Newport has risen by 16% since 2010, and across Wales by 24% over the same period.