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weight in service of the emptiness that radiates from its own
The aim of the project is to generate collective experiences and document the diverse processes within the urban landscapes contributing to the dialogues and practices of the Urban Emptiness Network, investigating silence and emptiness in contemporary cities, through parallel and simultaneous actions in New York, Brussels, Athens and Edinburgh.
I'm afraid of the emptiness of your being, the shell of
Mipam equates the Buddha-nature with emptiness, as do the Geluk, but also insists, along with the Jonang, that Buddha-nature and all its qualities are already present in all sentient beings.
That is to say, positing a thing-in-itself as the grounds for Being distorts the fidelity of the simulacrum, so far as we hold essential emptiness to be true, as is the case in both Buddhism and Barthes' structuralism.
She said: "Winning an Oscar can show you the emptiness of your own life, which is kind of what it showed me.
A firm hope for our future only will fill in this emptiness", Alasania told journalists.
"We have been left with such a painful emptiness in our lives that anyone who knew Simon would know the extent of.
"I felt really great that those many people showed up, but I felt a sense of emptiness there," quoted her as saying.
In Oriza's sculptures, we can appreciate this subtle play between the physical identity of an object with a concrete shape and its true function throughout emptiness: it is not just its 'use', it is to delight with a concrete aesthetic created by the artist.
(Each day I think of you Mum and realise you have gone, I can't explain the emptiness that life has now become, they say that time's a healer but I am not so sure, for every time I think of you I miss you more and more.) -Love daughter Alison and Ste xx.
Socrates' view of knowledge, Jesus' conception of love, Confucius' idea of virtue and Buddha's path of emptiness provide valuable insights and guiding principles to help us achieve a well-rounded education.
emptiness from emptiness, wedge-headed, streaking through the sky, its
The collection of untitled poems comprise a meditation upon the mind itself particularly as it attempts to understand the emptiness we sometimes name Baby sometimes King sometimes God and sometimes Devil.
Radcliffe often returns to the theme of emptiness. We can't fill our emptiness by buying more stuff.