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This means more to me tonight than when I recited it emptily as a boy, behind Bet Shalom in Rochester.
We get a speech now and then, with the same kinds of tepid proposals and emptily emotive rhetoric that we've gotten from Al's current boss, while the culprits he identifies would get the Vice President.
Victoria does not wear white high heels, sit patiently in the stand on a wet Saturday or giggle emptily when asked the name of the current Prime Minister.
In reality it's an emptily flashy tale which tries to be hip and contemporary.
Osbert loved words, collected them like flowers of wax or spun-glass ships, ranged them in seductive rows, built them into poems which coruscated magnificently, albeit emptily, since the poet did not have much to say.
Possokhov, majestically mobile yet on a slow burn in dull sand colors, performs an emptily athletic adagio ("Aria") with Loscavio in a magenta version of her not-exactly-becoming orange uniform.
You saw emptily, lying on your stomach, having been present when one army moved back and another came forward.
Once again, they lamented, excessive disposable income was serving the insatiable and emptily narcissistic desires of a thin slice of society.
Although Budweiser ads have taken the high road recently (The TV ads showing interplay between older and younger generations; the upbeat "Proud to be your Bud," and the solid John Goodman narrated radio spots; the less said the better about the ads that feature 'Generation X' types bantering smugly and emptily about old TV shows).
She takes the blame and stands emptily waiting for someone to love her: 'I have spoilt my life.
No way around the tweeness of that in an emptily playful follow-up to July's sweetly profound debut, Me And You And Everyone We Know.
It can suck out the very essence of your personality, leaving behind a hollow version of the talents or personality that made you so appealing in the first place, your catch-phrases echoing emptily through the upper reaches of the digital channels.
Because such hierarchies have existed for so long and feel so natural, the word "egalitarian" resounds emptily in our discourses, and many assume that communities would collapse without authoritative leaders and willing followers.
as another person, emptily intended--that he is and second, the I turns
The human bond that Sheikh has developed with those he photographs undoubtedly contributes to the particular intensity of the images; expressions are never posed or emptily focused on the lens but most often riveted on his presence behind the camera--notably in several close-cropped portraits of Somali women taken on a return visit to Kenya in 2000, where the photographer is reflected in the women's eyes.