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is, then, the dual horror of existence--that of monstrous rage for life and that of being small, left out, emptily included" (106).
First, and which, I must confess, is very unsuuerable, he was a conceited Fool, Tout Opininiatre, every thing he said, was Right, was Best, and was to the Purpose, whoever was in Company, and whatever was advanc'd by others, tho' with the greatest Modesty imaginable; and yet when he came to defend what he had said, by Argument and Reason, he would do it so weakly, so emptily, and so nothing to the Purpose, that it was enough to make any-body that heard him, sick and asham'd of him.
Dazed kids clinging to one another, staring emptily into the distance.
Seeing is permanently emphasized by the narrative voice at the expense of the emptily phatic "listen"; the narrative voice favors verbal peace and silence; even though, as their function demands, the most lyrical interludes will fill with violent natural or objectal sounds, the composed and detached voice comments on the aggressive, abrasive sound of voices described as "ranting" (50) or "berating" each other (82, 180).
It would be emptily proscriptive to suggest that Smith invest any arbitrary amount of time in a creative project, particularly when temporal quantities rarely prove telling.
Many of the polemics exploited a tried and tested smear technique, consigning the condemned to the categories of alien, speculative, inappropriate or emptily artistic as against idealist art, against music that respected the native and authentic (unutilised) tradition.
It surprises me that anyone will take this wager as it is not the kind of boast one would make emptily.
Our cast-off clothes lie in a complacent heap on the patterned carpet, emptily intertangled as we, if you attend me, are fully so, and it's clear by them she has no interest in--perhaps not even awareness of--the fashions of the day.
158), it is worth recalling that the Midsummer Eve mating revels in the woods at midnight (Woodlanders, II, iv), are supremely well-adapted to the sexual readiness of one hot-blooded maiden, Suke Damson, and the equally hot-blooded young doctor she lures, none too emptily, into the hay.
But this endless string of days that threatened to unroll emptily before him was intolerable.
So when they emptily denounce the Patriot Act - without offering a reasonable alternative - they promote a destructive passivity.
Once a week a handful of men in civilian clothes, or bits of last-war uniforms gathered in an old garage, a packing shed, or if they were lucky, in an armoury that echoed emptily to the sounds of their few feet, and as they came to the evening drill they were sometimes sneered at by the loungers in the streets.
A Court admirably unanimous on the merits in 1954 became ambiguously, indeed emptily, unanimous on the key issue of relief in 1955.
The Palestinian child stares emptily from the foot of a bloodstained staircase, a half-eaten sandwich in his left hand, his right hand resting on a step leading to his house.
This biography, as emptily vacuous as your average pop song and as fawningly enthusiastic as a groupie, doesn't have the answer.