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jangling 85 around back which fan and endure in the The players aggression, their and to in adversity, Even the emptiest of hearts would have reacted to the impassioned rendition of Blue Moon Stuart Brennan
The films of Reaganite America surely seemed at the time the "emptiest" given the historical context in which they appeared, namely the recent passing of 1970s independent, personal cinema, itself a reflection of the prior decade's counterculture.
AFTER winning the World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and guiding Portugal to the Euro 2004 final, Scolari made the proud boast that the hosts would win this tournament - which ended up as the emptiest of promises after the 7-1 semi-final disaster against Germany, a result he surely cannot survive.
The concept of Being as abstracted from those two modes--being-in-itself and being-in-virtue-of-another--would be the emptiest of all concepts.
The territory he regards as "the emptiest place in the world, too wild for any man to have made it his home" (101) is, in fact, inhabited by the Darug people, who are unpredictable and frightening.
PHIL NEVILLE revealed Manchester United's lap of apology at Old Trafford was the "emptiest" feeling of his career.
And the funniest part is that the mediapersons massage the longer-than-life egos of lawmakers by going viral with the emptiest rhetorical discourse of a rabble-rousing lawmaker, by holding it up as a fiery speech, whereas they should take the lawmaker to task for being so devoid of ideas.
This year, on the other hand, following the meeting of the General Affairs Council, the EU has perhaps adopted the emptiest conclusion ever.
"The question of the meaning of being is the most universal and the emptiest" Heidegger (1953/2010, p.
(2) Michael Whitworth provides a typical instance of this re-inscription, quoting Perry Anderson's attack on this 'emptiest of all cultural categories', then constructing his own sense of the term: Modernism: An Anthology (Oxford, 2007), p.
For, among the three places which the ten young people inhabit, the valley is the most remote, the most solitary, the loneliest, the emptiest; it is also the most naturally beautiful among those three loci amoeni.
We'd opted for Big White after hearing that, not only does it have the emptiest pistes when it's half-term hell in Europe, but also lashings of snow and little slush, even towards the end of the season.
It has the emptiest pistes when it''s half-term hell in Europe, but also lashings of snow.
This year's presidential election campaign shapes up at least at present as just about the emptiest and the most depressing in living memory.