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A hundred thousand forty-and sixty-foot sections of half-inch-thick steel pipe were welded together, wrapped in insulation and an outer covering of sheet metal, and stretched across our emptiest state, in one fell swoop.
and these airs of the bench are the emptiest affectation.
But as a young boy who had never heard of the Highland clearances I never considered why the most stunning part of Scotland was also the emptiest.
For him, politics is not about "vision," a word he believes to be "the emptiest and most ill-used in politics.
He offers no big vision ("perhaps the emptiest and most ill-used word in politics," he sniffs) and no great pensees on statecraft or diplomacy, either.
The 2007-08 bowl season might be the emptiest lot we've seen -- quite an accomplishment in the era of bowls named after flowers, the military, a pizza, car brakes and a chicken sandwich.
Terra Antarctica: Looking Into the Emptiest Continent is the true-life story of award-finalist author William L.
It is set against a fantastic backdrop contrasting of some of England's emptiest and wildest countryside, with a manicured 18-hole golf course.
Isn't a realistic vision of the world the emptiest of illusions?
But, after barely six months of a weak minority government in which at least one of the key portfolios is wielded by the emptiest of empty suits, Stephen Harper has nevertheless succeeded in modestly changing the tone.
The emptiest is Broadway Place, at 30 percent full.
Right now some of the emptiest wouldn't even know what the concept of 'half full' is.
fatigue themselves by the interminable pursuit of emptiest visions; the honour and power which they seek is enjoyed neither in acquirement, possession or retrospect; for what is the fame that attends the most skilful deceiver or destroyer?