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The groups arrange cycling outing on weekends when streets in Cairo are in their emptiest and friendliest state.
The vacuum created makes the pipe the emptiest space in the solar system," Bhattacharya said.
Even the stillest and emptiest of frames is inhabited, even the most sterile of environments comes alive with sound and movement.
till it becomes the stalest and emptiest adjective in his vocabulary" (163).
Look: there is a glow inside / the emptiest spaces when we / study their darkness.
If, echoing Baudrillard, Jameson is correct that the Gothic's mechanism of othering is no longer relevant, because, as 'the emptiest form of sheer Otherness' it is simply 'tedious' and no longer convincing (290), it is still true that, in Postmodernisms world, a mechanism depending on the delegation of tedium--itself a cover for threat--is alive and well.
sellers, those with the emptiest pockets, as the remaining defendants if
I" is also a writerly convention--the emptiest and most neutral of pronouns.
Although choosing one of the coldest and emptiest days possible, the couple were undeterred and now look forward to heading to Aintree in April
A hundred thousand forty-and sixty-foot sections of half-inch-thick steel pipe were welded together, wrapped in insulation and an outer covering of sheet metal, and stretched across our emptiest state, in one fell swoop.
9) When Avtodor's journal began publication in April 1928 it contained an article demonstrating that, because of the miniscule number of vehicles in the country, the Soviet Union's roads were among the emptiest in the world.
and these airs of the bench are the emptiest affectation.
But as a young boy who had never heard of the Highland clearances I never considered why the most stunning part of Scotland was also the emptiest.
For him, politics is not about "vision," a word he believes to be "the emptiest and most ill-used in politics.