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"Add to that, over 117,500 Americans considered quadriplegic, and 11,000 new cases every year that use a catheter urinary leg bag." She said, "By joining with Unique Wellness and Biotx we're providing them with better incontinence products for their incontinence issues, and a revolutionary leg bag emptier to the disability market."
Summary: Children could wake up to emptier stockings this Christmas as more than a third of parents intend to spend less on gifts than usual.
CHILDREN could wake up to emptier stockings this Christmas as research found more than a third of parents intend to spend less on gifts than usual.
Whether you love the game or loathe it, you will notice the streets a little emptier, offices strangely silent, and pubs, bars and meeting places packed to the rafters.
Accessories include lighting package, horn, electric leg-bag emptier, and rear-view mirror.
(Everything in Nevada leans a little, because of our 70-mph wind, the Washoe Zephyr.) We had fun building it, and our local landfill is a little emptier because of it.
Depending on the outcome of such efforts, astronomers may someday be able to say whether everything in the universe will eventually be ripped to shreds or merely get colder and colder, leaving space emptier and emptier.
Roughly butchered meat lands in pallet-adapted trays that are lifted and tipped out by a powerful emptier. The contents are then automatically distributed along a conveyor belt that moves the parts to two ergonomic benches.
In an emotional tribute posted on the website of the East Anglian Daily Times, she said: "He was a gorgeous little boy and the world will be a much emptier place without him.
Please help us keep the landfills a little emptier and our pocketbook a little fuller by letting us know when and where you are planning to move.
Today those claims sound emptier than ever as she faces up to a possible jail sentence for an astonishing pounds 85,000 benefits fraud by stealing the identity of her sister who doesn't even live in this country.
"They represent every corner of our newsroom and the place will be quite a bit emptier without them."
JetBlue Airways said Wednesday its traffic rose 7.2 percent in January, though the airline flew emptier planes due to high capacity growth.
On really cosmic scales, the universe looks like a spongy foam of galaxy clusters, strings, and walls that are typically tens or hundreds of millions of light-years in size, separated by emptier voids.
The Prince said he was "profoundly grateful to have lived during a period when such a prodigious talent inhabited this Earth." He said: "The world will seem an emptier place without him."