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The conference halls were emptier than usual--a sure sign that registrants were keeping seats warm in full sessions.
And perhaps the club will have to face up to an emptier Riverside as others stay away.
But the most striking illusion was the way in which the main, quite small exhibition space of this row house-turned-gallery looked far emptier than it really was, and was all the more resonant for that.
Offshoring jobs not only leaves a trail of unemployed Americans, it results in emptier office buildings and factories, reports "Top Ten Pro-Business States 2005: Keeping Jobs In America," a new study by Pollina Corporate Real Estate, one of the nation's leading corporate site locators.
These changes have resulted in considerable doom and gloom for the mainstream travel market--airlines have teetered on the edge of bankruptcy, and some hotels are emptier than they have been since being built.
Nkosi's premature and unnecessary death has made all our lives and worlds poorer and emptier.
When American Catholics finally get a chance to read this book-if they bother to do so--the already sparsely populated pews should get even emptier.
Do not eat 1 1/2 hours prior to taking the capsules - the emptier your stomach is the better.
The force's coffers will be more than a quarter emptier than at the start of the decade - with hundreds of police officers having disappeared from the streets.
Shearer, of Easterhouse, Glasgow, was seen coming into the shop carrying bags from other stores and they were emptier when he came in than when he left.
Winograd added, "And if the shelters are emptier than when they started the day on June 11, then it should be easier to make June 12 Just One More Day.
Although Twist Magic will not leave such a void, the champion trainer's stable will be emptier without a horse who earned a pair of Tingle Creek victories among five Grade Ones.
ALBION's boardroom was a little emptier than usual on Saturday thanks to the flight ban.
Our mailboxes will all be a little emptier without the frequent notes of encouragement and kindness.
Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new bag emptier for automatically emptying bags containing hazardous powders, particles or granulates while at the same time reducing the quantity of material released into the environment to an absolute minimum.