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empower (someone) to (do something)

1. To grant someone the authority to do something. Before my boss left on maternity leave, she empowered me to make important decisions in her absence.
2. To inspire one to be more assertive, proactive, etc., especially in pursuit of a particular goal. Hearing your experiences really empowered me to not compromise on my dreams.
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empower someone to do something

to authorize someone to do something; to grant someone the power to do something. I will empower you to collect the dues of the members. The prime minister empowered a special office to oversee tax collection.
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Empower also be exhibited at the 2006 CES at Innovations Plus, Sands Convention Center, Booth 70857 and in the NextGen Digital Lifestyles Experience Home located directly outside the main entrance of the South Hall at CES 2006.
Empower Technologies Corporation is a member of the TI TMS320(TM) third party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry.
Participation in self-help groups certainly help members to empower themselves (Chesler, 1991; Nylund, 2000; Mok, 2001).
Are self-help group members in Chinese communities empowered individually and collectively after joining these groups?
Being an internally beautiful and empowered person who is willing to volunteer helps to empower other people, which often makes them feel beautiful as well.
The following selected organizations work to empower deserving individuals by providing much needed services.
Empowered leaders hold authority; empowering leaders give it away.
Empowered leaders "do it all"; empowering leaders enable others to do ministry effectively.
The approach entails reorganizing divisions by product or "product cells." In these cells, empowered teams work together to develop and deliver specific product lines for specific customers, or for a group of customers with similar requirements.
If it is critical for individuals with disabilities to be empowered, then it would be fittingly consistent for rehabilitation systems, agencies, facilities, companies, and rehabilitation professionals to likewise be empowered.
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