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empower (someone) to (do something)

1. To grant someone the authority to do something. Before my boss left on maternity leave, she empowered me to make important decisions in her absence.
2. To inspire one to be more assertive, proactive, etc., especially in pursuit of a particular goal. Hearing your experiences really empowered me to not compromise on my dreams.
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empower someone to do something

to authorize someone to do something; to grant someone the power to do something. I will empower you to collect the dues of the members. The prime minister empowered a special office to oversee tax collection.
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Empowered leaders retain authority; empowering leaders delegate, disciple and multiply.
Empowered versus empowering is more than mere semantic preference.
WITI is the premiere organization empowering women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities, transformations, and a global culture of inclusiveness through leadership and economic prosperity.
Actuate Corporation is the world leader in empowering enterprise users with Information Applications.
In today's economy, enterprises are faced with tighter resources - and empowering them with technology to increase overall productivity is critical to success.
Nasdaq:SCKT)(PSE:SOK), the Mobile Connection(TM) Company, today announced that its Empowering Mobility Partner Program (EMP) has grown to more than 900 participants since its launch in February of this year.
The Socket Communications Empowering Mobility Partner Program (EMP) brings together industry-leading companies to develop and promote a full range of products and services designed to enable the mobile workforce to empower themselves.
Weiss is the founder and president of the non-profit organization, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, committed to empowering all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life.
Superior recently acquired a minority equity stake in Empower Health Corporation, an organization dedicated to empowering consumers with trusted and reliable healthcare information and Internet software solutions to lead healthier lives.
Koop and the management team at Empower Health to carry out their mission of empowering consumers to actively manage their healthcare needs.
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