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empower (someone) to (do something)

1. To grant someone the authority to do something. Before my boss left on maternity leave, she empowered me to make important decisions in her absence.
2. To inspire one to be more assertive, proactive, etc., especially in pursuit of a particular goal. Hearing your experiences really empowered me to not compromise on my dreams.
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empower someone to do something

to authorize someone to do something; to grant someone the power to do something. I will empower you to collect the dues of the members. The prime minister empowered a special office to oversee tax collection.
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It is a planning tool by which individuals identify their employment goals, as well as the specific services and providers needed to achieve those goals, in developing an IPE, individuals require accurate information and perspective in order to make informed and empowering choices.
Empowering the disabled: A multidimensional approach.
Empowered leaders "do it all"; empowering leaders enable others to do ministry effectively.
Empowering processes are those in which people create or are given opportunities to control their own destiny and influence the decisions that affect their lives (Bolton & Brookings, 1996; Hahn, 1991; Zimmerman, 1995).
Empowering children actually frees the teacher to join children in facilitating growth rather than constantly monitoring, directing and supervising the children's learning and behavior.
In addition to giving resources, accepting what others have to give is an effective way of empowering people.
She is the founder and chief empowering officer for Empowered Flower Girl, a social enterprise that works with schools, communities and families seeking solutions to cyberbullying, drama, relational aggression and other social/communications challenges facing youth.
Companies that succeed in empowering their customers may find it difficult to implement a successful social media campaign.
More than just a performance boost, Acer Empowering Technology dramatically increases the mobile potential of both Aspire and TravelMate range of Acer notebooks.
However, the regulatory context of this empowering, professional-family partnership is one in which all understand and seek to avoid escalation up the pyramid's levels to a more coercive regulatory response in which the state, through its social workers and/or family court, take over the decision-making process.
For example, when an individual with a disability says to a rehabilitation counselor, "I would appreciate your telling my boss that I need that ramp complete as soon as possible," one alternative empowering response may be, "Yes, I could do that, but I would prefer that since you have been taking more and more responsibility for your life and you have the ability to express your needs and wants to other people, that we discuss how you would tell him yourself."
The Empowered Women Rise Conference is doing more than empowering women, it's empowering our future youth!
See how big hearted we are even after getting a notice we are empowering the EC, giving them more rights," said Khurshid.
By your sharing your ideas and especially yourself, Carolyn, your being has an empowering influence on others.
“Our goal is to empower girls and young women with the tools to communicate effectively,” said Rasheda Kamaria, chief empowering officer and founder of Empowered Flower Girl.
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